Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rainbow Funk Necklace Reborn --> Rainbow BRIGHT~

Ooops... Holidays should see my blog with more posts. Instead, I went missing for the past 2 days. Was dragged by my parents to go to the little town - again! No internet, no TV, nothing to do, except cabut rumput! Ahh!

Eheh... Actually, it wasn't that bad la. I just like to complain. *bleh*

Before the trip, I actually finished up a necklace I'd wanted to try making. This is another version of Rainbow Funk Necklace. The latter consists of embellished felt squares with a pin attached to the back of each, and these are all pinned onto a back zip-turned-necklace.

{ ♥Rainbow Bright♥ }

This one here has the felt squares linked by antique silver jumprings. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. :) It's really sparkly and eye-catching, though it doesn't quite show in the photos. T-T

{ Oh. Purin-san loves rainbows too~ }

Since my lil sis is not at home, I have no one to model the necklace. I can't possibly ask my mum. She'll whack me and say - You got nothing better to do ha? ^-^" Ahaha... So, I was forced to the last resort - I modelled it meself la.

{ I shy la~ }

Even if you're not familiar with jewelry-making, I'm sure you have no doubts that if one wants to market it well, a necklace needs to be worn on a slim, fair and beautiful neck. Neither of these are near suitable for describing mine. T-T I have a fat pouch, if you'd noticed. 0_o Gah! The consequences of wolfing down cheesecakes and chocolates all these years. -_-" I really should exert some self-control already. And I've been saying this for the past how many years already. -_-"

Will probably list this on Etsy later. :)

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BlossomingTree said...

Very pretty and colorful.