Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rainbow Kitsch + Cross-Stitch Hearts

Fuh... I how many days already didn't update. ^-^" Ahaha.... Got caught up with the last few episodes of Couple of Trouble AKA Fantasy Couple. And I was a little dried up of ideas too. T-T
Yesterday night, I *thankfully* had an inspiration. :P I did yet another rainbow necklace. :P You must think that I can't get enough of rainbows huh? :P

{ ♥ Rainbows ♥ }

{ Le Phanty ♥s rainbows }

I made some fabric cross-stitch heart patches. I made them into pendants. :) There are 2 versions; one ♥ and 3 ♥s. Which one do you like better? I can't decide...

{ Le Phanty wuvs ♥s too }

{ ♥ }

Shall make more stuff. If I get more inspiration. ^-^

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Tizzalicious said...

I'm in love with that necklace!