Friday, June 6, 2008

Kawaii~neh! Bloggo Freebie #4

It's been almost a year since I last posted up a freebie. ^-^" I'm feeling at peace with myself now. And a little generous. *Ceh~weh!* :P

So here's how the freebie draw works;

Anyone who reads my blog and who happens to stumble across this post are qualified for the draw. Just post a comment.If you are here for the first time, I'd love to know how you found my blog and if you like, critique my products, shop and blog. Old timers, just drop me a hi in the comments section. :D

Comments are open until Sunday 8th June Sunday 15th June 2008. :)

This time, there will be two prizes, so two people will be drawn randomly to have either the necklace of bracelet.

Happy posting peoples! :P


I V Y O L O G Y said...

*gasp!* I am so in! :D
I actually found your site through Mikiye Creations' blogroll. I was drawn to the name as I love all things kawaii!
Your work is like eye candy and it makes me happy :))

My Little Princess said...

hi...old reader here. i don't think you remember me, but i ask you questions about opening a shop last

efi said...

hiii i am actually new :)
i randomly found your site when i was searching for kawaii things in google :P:P
just luv ur stuff

I'm 22!!! said...

(I tot I'd left a comment yesterday, but it din appear)
HI...I'm an anonymous reader of ur blog for quite some time. I first found out your site through the sampler and Etsy and was very thrilled to know that you are a fellow Malaysian too. I like the things that u made becus they're very original and creative to me.
Cheers... ^_____^

*Crossing fingers for luck

Verloren said...

Hey congrats on passing the semester! And I for one am never bored of your rainbow creations. =D

life-muses said...

hi, yours were the very 1st malaysian crafter blog that i found while surfing thru the net and have been reading your posts from time to time. Love all your work! :)

pfang said...

I guess you are the 1st Malalysia crafter I know. Very talented and funny ( Sometimes I laughed with your funny expression :P )

アマンド ロマン サントス サントス said...

Hello just happened to search for "kawaii" stuff and suddenly got stuck with your creations! Am really happy to hve seen your blog - it is really wonderful!


x. s o r a said...

wahh? still not enough responses ahh? xp bahh~ i respond also then! :D by the way, this is sora xDD i got to your blog when i was looking at some pictures in flirk~ or something like that oO xDDD~

shambie adzhan said...

waahhh.. i absolutely love your stuff and design. how did u handle the polymer clay? *bleh i am very impatient and making mini micro beads is, i can say... frustrating! :p

i shud practice more~ hehe

or maybe i just stick to sewing.. ;)