Friday, June 13, 2008

Nummy Cake Rolls

Found out about this online shopping site called Zoolzoo through Evangelione's blog some time ago. Turns out that the owner(s) is Johor-based. If all goes well, I plan to have my stuff there for sale. :P

Been making more polymer clay yummies again. I really can't think of anything fantastic, so I just tried making them cake rolls. I've seen lots on Etsy. That somehow made them less unique. ^-^"

I actually wanted to make a cellphone charm strap out of the 3-joined cakes. There was a little 'technical' problem. ^-^" I couldn't find the cellphone strap I bought a few weeks ago. T-T I searched everywhere - but to no avail. T-T Ahh!!!

So, I made a pendant instead.

{ Nummy nummie cakes ♥ }

{ Extremely yummy *but blurry T-T* close-up ♥ }

1 comment:

Ciyou said...

looks cute~~
I always have failure on this roll cakes, the end will chip and break.