Saturday, June 28, 2008

KLue Urbanscapes 2008 @ KLPAC + Stupid Selectives

Something big is happening down at KL Performing Arts Centre starting 12pm today. :P

It's Urbanscapes! The city's creative arts festival! :D

I'm gonna get myself down there to look around the Marketplace their setting up. :)

Entrance to Marketplace is free. :)

I guess I'm blogging about this too late. :P



Something really crazy happened at IMU on Thursday, and I was part of it.

I'm not gonna spill what it was, because I never know who's reading my blog. It might be one of the lecturers. *yikes! the horror! if it were true :P*

But I'll just blurt it out anyway. >:D

Semester 5 BPharmers were given 4 selective modules to choose from. The catch was, each of the 4 modules had to have an equal number of people as the others. There were two easier modules (sounded easier anyway, with no lab sessions and so SAQ for class test *the horror!!!*) - Veterinary Pharmacy and Radiopharmacy. Of course, everybody wanted either one la.

And of course, we'd do anything to get the module we want. We are not kia-su. We just want to maintain out GPA and CGPA. We're not so stupid as to choose Analytical Methods (or something like that) with 6 (or more) practical sessions to attend, or the super boring and will-never-understand Bioinformatics, even if we will be seen as "Wah... Clever ho? Wah.... you tough la man! I salute you!*

We're not as stupid as to throw our marks at the wind *excuse the change of words here*. We just want a module that will help us gain more credits for the semester. Because this is one hell of a semester. I didn't expect there to be so much useless projects and portfolios *AGAIN!!!! ARGH!!!!*.

So, the thing we did.

We camped outside IMU from 12 midnight till the next morning.

To get in line so that we get to choose the module we want. Each module allows only 28 people.

I didn't expect this thing to happen. Really. I was sound asleep at 1 something. When I was wakened up by Jui Jien banging away at my door. T-T I didn't even realize it, until I registered the sound of the front grill banging. Then I looked at my phone and saw a missed call from her. As usual la, I put my phone on silent mode when I go to sleep. I opened my bedroom door, and saw her bedroom door wide ajar.

All sorts of thought flashed through - a friend injured? Someone kidnapped? Got robbery meh?

What I didn't expect when I called her back was, "Sing Yee! Faster come to IMU! They lining up already. I'm number 50 now. Faster come!"

Our batch has got 100+, about 120 people. So, the first 56 will be able to choose whichever module they want. That left only 5 more places.

I was in disbelief after the call. It was 1.30 in the morning, damn it! Then panic started to sink in. Bathed and freshened up in less then 5 minutes, and I was running like hell to the elevator, and then running like hell again from the elevator right up the IMU's main entrance.

I was at number 52.

Not bad. But I wanted to take Vet Pharm. T-T Riiiiight before me, there was still 1 place for that module. But the girl in front of me took the place. T-T

Ah.... Radiopharmacy also ok lah. :P

Yup. The selectives choosing was at 8.30 in the morning. So, we camped in front of the glass doors for almost 5 hours, then shifted into the Atrium when the guards opened the front doors, and waited somemore.

Finally, the class rep gave out the numbers, and we went up in a neatly lined order *imagine that! o.m.g.* to the venue where the selection was to take place.

Later that afternoon, the Dean of Pharmacy same into our class and lectured us on safety issues.
Blah la. Just give it to us that our actions are thrashing IMU's image. Don't give us the 'we're worried about your safety' kind of s**t. What could happen to 60 people in the same place?

This Selectives really cannot be called selectives la. If it really were selectives ah, then let us choose la. Don't limit the number of people to a module. It really defeats the purpose of choosing. In the end, sure got people tak puas hati with what they get.

For the next batches, please la, just randomize. Or just give a stupid module enough la. No need choose choose la, ok?

Don't kia-su. No need to churn out multi-talented pharmacists. Ok?


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mimi said...

haha..not kia shu ...
just the "stupid" imu policy only...
selective...but limited people...

from tuan chin