Friday, June 20, 2008

Felt Plushes - Eggs + Butter Stick + Neapolitan Ice Cream Carton + Marshmallow on a Stick

Been making some more felt plushes for a custom order on Etsy. It was really a challenge, because these were plushes that I wouldn't have made even if I came up with the idea. These were actually designs of another crafter. I felt a little uncomfortable re-making these. But seeing that this was requested by a repeat customer, I couldn't say no. Moreover, I hadn't made much stuff with felt this holiday period.

{ Eggs + Butter + Neapolitan Ice Cream Carton + Marshmallow on a Stick }

Anyways, I can safely say the marshmallow is of my own design. I made the mallow and stick separately, so that the stick can be pulled out and stuck through the mallow. The stick is actually a single chopstick covered with brown felt. The little branch is stuffed with polyfill. I found a bundle of new chopsticks, and there was one lone stick without its partner. So, I decided to use that, instead of stuffing the felt with polyfill. This makes the stick very sturdy and easily 'pushable' through the mallow. :)

{ Yummy stuffy }

Since this is the last order this holiday, I decided to 'beautify' it. :P With re-used decorated foil wrapper. :P Found this in the store-room, so decided might as well use it for something good.

{ ♥ }


Tomorrow morning, I'll be flying back to KL. T-T Ah.... Holiday ends too fast. I was just beginning to warm up for a DBSK/TVXQ 24hr-video-thon. Those Korean guys are just amazing.

Especially Xiah JunSu. :D *Whoa~!* Changing lanes too fast eh?

2 days ago it was U-Know YunHo. Now it's JunSu. :P

Photos taken from

{ HOT HOT HOT!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ }

Can't help it la. This JunSu guy's so funny that every time I watch his videos, I'll laugh even though I can hafal what he'll say already. :P

One of his trademarks :

He likes to pretend to speak in Kenyan. And the Kenyan he speaks cracks me up. Seriously. XD It's actually just gibberish. But he's got that really serious face when he's talking. XD Which makes the whole thing priceless~! :D You can see an example here.

I think he dances best, after YunHo. *YunHo's still the most hensem mia~♥ and the best dancer~&hearts*

But in this video here, I really must salute JunSu lah. Gotta love him. ♥ ♥ ♥

Ah..... That aside, this blogger is really stoopid la. Haiyo.... Why the page elements cannot save one? I really going bit-chin already. T-T


Milkberry said...

Waaa kawaii! I love it all! Yumyum! Hmmm... apparently my bloglist stopped posting your updates about 2 weeks ago. I thought you never updated until about a few days ago when I manually checked your blog. That is so weird. I dunno why blogger bloglist isnt picking up your rss. *scratch head*

Sing Yee said...

Hmm...? I've no idea when it comes to the rss thingy. By the way, if you don't mind me asking, how do I add a rss-subscribe thingy for my blog? I suppose I could google how-to, but I lazy. :P Arigato~! :D

*Angelia* said...

OMG I love your Felties! So CUTE!