Sunday, June 15, 2008


Halo halo! After that previous super emo post T-T, I'm brightening up a bit.

I've been an avid reader of Tongue in Chic, a fashion blog run by a few fashionable ladies :D in KL *I think*.

Through an entry some time ago, Polyvore was discovered - it's a sort of online tool for collaging. At first, I wasn't all ga-ga over it. But then, I saw this competition post, and thought I might as well give it a try *though my fashion sense may not be all that polished T-T*. :P The winning entry will be seen at Tongue in Chic's booth at Urbanscapes this 28th June! :D

After the first collage, I was addicted. :P Click on images to view them larger (and clearer), and see where you can get each item. :)

{ My first try - Subtle Lady }

Can you see it's been done by a beginner? :P I like neutral colours, with a bit of warmth. Think beige + deep burgundy.

I've recently taken a liking to empire waist tops. They actually look quite good on plump bodies *eek*. My lil sis bought a stretchy floral empire waist Harajuku top from Jusco Sunway last year, and later had buyer's remorse. She claimed the top make her look aunty. ^-^" It looks good on me I guess, so I'm gonna keep it. :P

{ 2nd try - Kitsch Kween - Geek }

I can't help liking those totally kitsch cassette bags and lego accessories. :D

{ 3rd try - Chic Mod }

This one's more of an Etsy kind of style - vintage and chic indie. Fell in love with this mod jumper dress by missbrache the moment I saw it. Absolutely gorgeous! And I've always wanted an octopus necklace and Paraphernalia's camera necklace. That floral print shoulder bag - I've seen it on Oh Joy!. I can't remember who made it. T-T

{ Final try - Kitsch Kween - Candy }

Ah... The collage looks so small here. T-T Well, this is by far the craziest one la. I like rainbowy colours and geeky accessories. :D

Gummy bear necklaces anyone?

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kirin said...

Hey, I like your first-try coordinate! The site is similar to stylefeeder?