Saturday, November 15, 2008

tokidoki Carnival Carezza~!

Right. I'm back in Sibu. I was immediately forced to go through a few hours of introduce-my-friends-in-photos session with my sister. -_-" I for one am lazy to to that - even the Genting trip I've yet to write about. ^-^"

Currently using the home computer, cause I don't want to cabut-cabut the modem cables anymore like I did every sem break at home. ^-^" No router mah... :P

Be prepared for an image-heavy post... Dad went to collect my tokidoki last week. He was quite surprised when the person working at the counter said that there's a custom fees to pay for individually or commercially imported handbags. which amount to 20% the price fo the bag/bags. That meant RM180!!! I was really shocked when my dad related this to me, but then he carried on to explain that he negotiated with the person, and in the end didn't pay anything.

PHEW! I was like - O.M.G!!!! If that RM180 was paid, I'd feel guilty and stupid for the rest of my life.

On that note, I have not yet had to pay any so-called custom fees for my online purchases. Dad was saying that this person only wanted duit kopi. -_-" Luckily Dad's smart enough to turn the situation around. :)

So, onto the bag :

{ The colours are absolutely stunning! }

{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }

Bidded this from $125, and won the listing at $132.50. Shipping was $32+ with global express mail. I was really satisfied with the purchase, because the retail price of a tokidoki Carezza is $184. During this period of a few months post-release, Carnival bags are going for really cheap - bidding for a Carezza can start form as low as $25.

{ New Adios Qee keychain for the new line of independent tokidoki bags }

{ ♥ Choo~ ♥ }

Mosaic-photo maker is acting up again on this computer. T-T Can't seem to get the mosaic to appear. So here are large photos of parts of the swatch :

{ I love this ferres wheel - there are so many teenee characters! }

{ Some of my favourite characters : cheerleader girl, pink princess girl and rocket girl! }

{ Bright orange of the inside. There are lots of compartments, zipper parts and a mesh pocket. Will come in useful. :P }

{ Even the insides of the tag is decorated with tokidoki characters ♥ }

The bag is a good-sized tote bag, but people'll probably think I'm crazy, to carry such a bag around. -_-" Got it from my Dad - he very calmly and seriously told me I could get such a cartoon bag anywhere in pasar malam (night market), and then burst out laughing when I 'weih!!!'-ed at him. XD

I'm looking for an Eco Mondo Sorriso - desperately. Please contact me with detailed photos if you have one for sale.


[mr joan croft] said...

I love the bag and the figurine is so cute!

lynnx01 said...

You are definitely one crazy tokidoki fan!!

Sing Yee said...

Joan, yeah, the kawaii version of Death is irresistable!

Lynn Xuan, hehe.... yeah! My parents just shook their heads at me. ^o^

KitKnitty said...

Holy crack! That stuff is adorable!