Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shop BIG with Kmart's Layaway Program!

My family actually does not follow the Christmas tradition of exchanging gifts and having Christmas dinners. Each year, the activities that we do participate in are carolling, and the morning church service. However, even if we do not practise gift-giving, I sure can't deny that end of the year holidays is the best time to spend, because almost everything will be on sale.

It's all well to pay cash for small items like clothes and accessories, which was what I did so far for my holiday shopping. But if you plan to get something large and expensive, do consider using Kmart Layaway program that involves spacing out payment for an item in a span of maximum about 8 weeks. The purpose of this program is to help consumers like you and I to reserve early a popular and fast-selling item with a down payment, finish paying for it and collect it in time for Christmas. Kmart's layaway program will be particularly useful for savvy consumers who want make the put their ready cash for everyday use and don't want to tie up their credit or incur interest charges on the cost of a purchase.

Take the smart step when making large purchases by using Kmart's layaway program.

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