Saturday, November 8, 2008

Freedom is on the horizon

Chewah.... :P

But it's kind of true. Tomorrow's the last day of what has been like 2 months of torturous studying. *squealing with excitement* Yippeee!!! Monday's the last paper!!! Woohooo!!!!

Well, in the light of something unpleasant being posted on the tagboard *on the left side bar* a few days ago, I'd like to talk about what I call 'hit-and-run' on blogs.

If there's one thing I despise more than super-ego-matic-booming-cars driving past Vista B when I'm just about to fall into stage 2 of sleep, especially during exams-period, it's anonymous persons who'd just drop a nasty comment out of the blue, be it directed to the blog's contents or the blog writer.

I'd heard about such incognito comments staining blogs of some online associates I know of, and had wondered if I'd ever get one. Yeah, so I did get one, and I'll not hide the fact that I was a little shaken when I saw it. -_-"

I don't know what motives these individuals had or have *still? yikes!* What I decipher from such actions are :

1. He/she don't like the blog and feel it his/her duty to inform the owner about the uninteresting posts trashing the blog, or the blog's general unremarkableness.

2. He/she feels the thrill of posting anonymous and nasty comments because the blog owner will not be able to track him/her. I gather if this was the case, then several blogs would had been targets as well.

3. He/she is trying to make the blog look bad. Just plain nastiness in nature of the person. *tsk tsk*

From the attack I received *wah. attack oh.*, I'm not too sure whether the person's been a lurker for some time, or he/she had just stumbled on my blog for the first time.

All I can say is, posting a nasty comment without even daring to link a contact automatically makes it an act of cowardice.

Why not just be at peace with yourself and accept that my blog ish teh kawaii? *muahahaha~*

And a final word. Blog owners are accountable to no one - I repeat - no one, regarding the type of music they put on their blog, even if they stated that they are Japan-crazed but then the blog's music is Korean. Halo? Have you heard of freedom of music-choice? You'll be firing back about 'freedom of speech', but let me reinforce again about the act of cowardice. Cowards are not worthy of freedom, especially freedom of speech on someone else's territory. And particularly so when they intend to stir up something nasty.

Fuuuhhh.... That got it off my chest. ^o^ Maybe with a start, I'm more prepared for future attacks of nastiness. -_-"

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