Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can't get enough of that SUGAR HIGH

Yup. A huge rainbow-coloured lolli hanging from your neck, gummy teddies dangling from your wrist and yummy doughnut hairclips fastened all over your hair - this is no longer the look to savour only in fantasy places like Harajuku. With current trends in lifestyle going in the direction of D.I.Y. and crafting, you can make your very own food-themed fashion accessories, complete with bling and yumminess.

Here are helpful Japanese craft books to give you endless ideas about wearable-candy-making.

{ Get these books from beautifulwork on Etsy }

I saw some of these books up close at Kinokuniya and was totally mesmerized by the colourful pictures. Most of them show step-by-step photos of making the sweets, so it's not at all a waste of buying just because they're written in Japanese. :) These books suggest using soft mousse-clay and paper clay instead of polymer clay. I'm still doubtful about using mousse-clay. I received a package once from a swap. Played with it, and the clay would still have a rubbery texture to it after being completely dried for a few days. That made me wonder if it is a good material to use in jewelry. :/

But then again, I must say these kits look awfully tempting...

{ Mousse-clay kits from beautifulwork }

Oh oh! And I want to thank Chin~Chin for this wonderful present from Japan! I can't believe you actually took the trouble to buy us something from Japan. Awesome! I'll definitely treasure it. :)

{ Japanese craft book ♥ }


Second week of sem 6 is going on ok so far. Other than a slight nodding-off in Dr. OCE's toxicology introduction lecture, I'm glad to say I payed full attention in most classes. :P


Tizzalicious said...

Aaah, you made me wanna go on a shopping spree!

Ciyou said...

most of the books u can get at kinokuniya. The clay packs some are available at Isetan stationary and kino. Try to look at there.

Sing Yee said...

Tizza, then you should visit Japan one day to empty you pockets! XD Lol! Just joking! :D

Ciyou, yup, I saw the books at Kinokuniya. Wanted to buy them but then thought them to be too expensive.

kirin said...

Hi Sing Yee, it's been a while, but
how's it going?
Sweets motif accessories are very very popular in Japan these days! Just as you find the books in Kinokuniya, many girls buy such books and make original kawaii accessories by themselves. Needless to say, Q-pot is a starter and their iphone case or ipod related items are available in Tokyo.

linda said...

Omg. Your blog is so AWESOME! (Bookmarking for sure.) These felt sweets look amazing. *o*