Saturday, August 8, 2009

Loot from Singapore

I was prepared to guard myself from over-spending during the recent trip. Nevertheless, I couldn't resist the temptation to get some craft supplies and other goodies.

{ Genuine flat-back swarovski crystals in different colours. I'd been trying to search for colour mixes in one pack for ages. It's a pity that they only have mixes in this one size. I got it at a discounted SG$7.50 from one of the bead stores on Arab Street. Those fabric buttons were bought from Doinky Doodles for SG$5. I feel bad about leaving without buying anything, especially after spending almost half-an-hour taking photos in the shop. :P I wanted a LOT of things actually, but I kept on reminding myself that I don't NEED them. -___-" }

{ Stamp set from Kinokuniya Takashimaya. I saw this very set at Kinokuniya here in KL, sold out. Almost killed me, the price did. T-T }

{ Kawaii sweet stickers also from Kinokuniya. }

{ Birdy and cage gold necklace bought at MAAD. Made by CarrotPepper. }

{ Killer gladiators with punk studs. My friend says I look like a rocker chick when I wear them. XD There are LOTS of gladiator styles in Singapore, waaayy nicer than the ones I've seen in Malaysia. Except for a pair at a boutique in Bangsar - that's a pretty one too. :D I sort of regretted not getting it then and there. }

When I was at the customs and immigration station in Johor, I was stopped by the officers - because I was carrying a shopping bag. I was carrying in it my shoes which costed SG$33. They informed me that anything new bought from Singapore is taxable by 30% of the purchase price.

I was like W-T-F!!! I travelled ALL the way to Singapore, shopped for things, and travelled ALL THE WAY BACK to Johor Bahru, just to have my purchases taxed? Did the government even DO ANYTHING for us during the trip?

I was like ok - maybe it's because they set up the immigration building and perhaps that's a form of contribution from the government.

But what pissed me off was that these immigration officers only stopped people who looked like they just bought stuff from Singapore. Meaning - people who were carrying some sort of shopping bags. I voiced out one of the officers that their checking system is just LAME because anyone can strip off the price tags, scruff up their new purchases of clothes and shoes, and wear them or stuff them in their backpacks, and walk past as if they didn't buy anything at all from Singapore. What's more, are how are they going to detect tiny things like jewelry?

Another lady officer, a more out-spoken one said; We know who are the ones who bought stuff. We actually have a scanner here to check everyone's bags.

I was like WTF again, and said; THEN WHY DIDN'T YOU USE THE SCANNER? Even if you used it, people who pulled of the price tags will just be let off! Is this MANUAL checking system even FAIR TO US?

The officer shot back; You should consider that there are only 3 of us on duty at this time. We can't ask everyone to have their bags scanned. That'll be a waste of time and a truck-load of work for us.

By then, I was ready to give her a HARD PUNCH in the face. I was silently fuming, hardly knowing what to do, while they continued to make records of other unfortunate souls who were also stopped and asked to pay taxes for their puchases.

My expression must have been poisonous so much so that the lady officer then said; Well since you've worn them in Singapore for a day, then I suppose we can let you off.

Oh. My. God.

Such a bunch of IDIOTS!!! Lazy, irresponsible, coffee-money-sucking IDIOTS!!!

Why did all the rotten incidents occur in here in Malaysia? I think we're going backwards.


saltvinegar said...

The checks are really not strict. In fact i've never seen them stop anyone before unless u have loads of shopping bags. Pls stuff everything into your own bag, act flustered and walk fast. Run if you can cos thats wat the majority of JB ppl working in spore do anyway~

Ciyou said...

I never have this problem in Johor kastam before. But because I travel alone, I usually throw the shoe box and just put those shoe on my bags...

The stamps I also wanted but sold out at klcc. They allow me to order them, but need to wait for 3 months, but I think it will be cheaper compare to singapore.