Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kawaii Sticker Grabbies ~

*Unsticks face from table-top* .... Sorry ah... Er... Been so busy these days, until no time to sleep also.

This morning's PBL (Problem Based Learning) really teruk one la. Because yesterday got class test ma, so didn't study anything for PBL for the whole weekend. I cram cram crammed everything yesterday night - 3 hours only.

And what I got? Non-pharmacological treatment. T.T WHAT???

Can just blab about any herbal remedies one la.... Aiyo..... I talked only like 2 minutes then finished already. T-T

I wanted to do pathophysiology : mechanism of transmission, life cycle of Plasmodium protozoas... I paling pro in that la... *Nyaha...* :D

But I HAD to get non-pharmacological treatment. Shish.

I'm studying to become a pharmacist la!!! What non-pharmacological treatment???

Ok ok..... I also over-reacting..... Cannot help it.... Want to make this post longer a bit lo.... ^-^"

I recall a member of my church cell group saying that an average life of a blog is about 6 months at max. Well it seems like my blog mia life is slowly coming to an end? : Difficulty in finding time to update is one thing, but in my case, I think it's lack of original things to share. After all, who's interested in idle rants and grumbles right? I created this blog out of passion for kawaii, crafts and all things handmade. Now, it's almost impossible to keep on posting entries when I haven't even touched my sewing needle for 2 months. T-T

But come to really think of it, no time to update is still the most big mia halangan (obstacle). Without crafting, I can actually still post about thousands of exciting DIY discoveries on the net. However, as a BPharm student, insisting on daily updates will be just near suicidal. T.T

Still, with so little time, I managed to compile a new batch of sticker grabbies. 310 pieces in each. Click on the pictures to view the listing on Etsy.

Arean't they the CUTEST? :D


lynnx01 said...

Average blog lifespan is 6 months max? Who said that in CG?? heheheh!

Sing Yee said...

Yup... Mark said so... XD But of course I hope my blog doesn't just die away after only so short a period of time. It'll probably just go into hibernation for a little while... T-T

Sing Yee said...

Oops* Not 6 months max, but 6 months average - sort of like mean period for most blogs.