Monday, November 9, 2009

Preparations for Pipit's 3rd Anniversary Market

The past Saturday, I participated in a local designers' market. It was organized by Pipit, and the market was in conjunction with its 3rd anniversary celebration. Upon a last minute's thought, I decided to try out selling again. With only two weeks for preparations, I whipped up some Kawaii~neh!'s staples - sweets! :P

{ Almost life-sized doughnuts. Ribbon bows were added for extra sweetness. }

{ Christmas tree cookies + gingerbread man and teddy }

{ Ice cream cones + ice lollies }

{ Chocolate caramel + strawberry cream pudding plushies }

{ Demure little bride felt cake ♥ }

{ Ultra-loaded fruit cake~! }

Wanting to make something kawaii other than food, I tried animal head plushies. Started off with a bunny. And then a teddy. And then a chicken. And finally a birdie. Then I remade each one of them in different colours.

{ Kawaii~neh! }

Most have not found their owners. I've listed them in my Etsy shop. Hop over and have a look. :)


kalai said...

so cute! i love the pudding plushes and the fruit cake^^ xx

Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

i love them all!!!!

Laura Rey said...

so cute all of them! :)

Team Super Kawaii Pop said...

So much adorable in one location. I almost feel like it wouldn't look right if the booth wasn't messy.

I like it as it is, heaps of colored, fluffy, kawaii goodness :3