Monday, September 28, 2009

Art For Grabs Raya Special

Went out yesterday with Mei Chin to Art for Grabs. I'm glad that she appreciates arts and crafts herself, and that she enjoyed looking around. Pretty things to fill our one hour with. :P

{ 3 friends chillin' and craftin'. :D Soo Mei's intricate jewelry, June's kawaii felt plushies and Jocelyn's beautiful paintings and drawings were really eye-catching. :) }

{ Little Fren's load of cuteness! }

{ Owl and Magical Treehouse. Love the wall display. ♥ }

{ Kiirey's sweet handmades. }

{ Mer's handmade clutches and pouches. Love them! ♥ }

{ Two friends with playful colours splashed all over! }

{ Pocoleizi - absolutely cute and loveable handmade plushies. ♥ }

{ One of Malaysia's many talented artists/fashion illustrators. Step into The Fashion Forest. }

Great event! It was a pleasure to look at each creator's creativity and admire their works. I didn't buy anything this time though. Mei Chin wanted an anklet but couldn't find one she like. So we went home empty handed. T-T But not before stopping by Sunway Pyramid for a round of makan. :D


usagi said...

Hello I have added on your mark on my blog ^ _ ^
come to see me and add me to your blog
kisses emi

Agnes Sim said...

i been there also...but din take much photos for each booth. this time most of them have a nice decoration. i like it too...:p

Sing Yee said...

Yeah, I like Owl and Magical Treehouse's deco especially, and also Fashion Forest. :)