Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kawaii Cherry Make Me Pretty Grabbie

Haih..... My current life is so monotonous.

Wake up. Oline. Bathe. Try to cram some lecture notes for 2 hours. Cook lunch and eat while onlining for 2 hours. Try to cram more notes. Nap. Wake up and finish off the notes wherever I stopped. Go jogging. Do the hoola. Oline. Bathe. And try to cram yet more notes. Online. Sleep.

I'm an internet addict and online freak. Habis habis...

Nevertheless, this afternoon, I found a few minutes to make some more stuff. I had this pair of soda bottle cap earrings from VintageNoveau, from whom I bought my gorgeous Vintage CHERRY SODA Bottle Cap Trinket Charm Bracelet (*phew* I SOB). They were just cooped up in a box, not worn at all. So, I had in my mind to create a cherry-themed grabbie. In the first place, I planned to make a embellished star pin to include in the set. However, due to a sudden bout of laziness, I let it pass. I'll conjure up another grabbie sometime this week. :)

Kawaii Cherry Make Me Pretty Grabbie

{Click on the image to view the listing on Etsy}

Hmm... Just a random cheer-me-up thing to share.

Today's HAT DAY in Neopia!

Seriously. Can anything get lamer than this? I was practically laughing when I saw it on the front page as I went to collect my daily interest. Priceless! There are other more exciting days - chocolate ball, creepy crawly day, neogardening celebration and grey day are but a few examples. But HAT day. Tsk tsk tsk...aiyoyo.....

Anyways.... this sense of humour that its staff has is why I love Neopets. It's just so silly! But clever. :D

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