Saturday, April 21, 2007

Been Taggedth ~

Ok... I'm not sure if anyone other than the person who tagged me and Lynn Xuan will be reading this. Anyway, I'll give this a try.

Weird things about meh :

1. I can eat chocolate for breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner and supper.

2. I MUST do exercise each day - at least go for a brisk walk or do the hoola. If not, I'll balloon up like SpongeBob sneezing. Yalah, so much chocolate - who cannot get fat la?

3. I collect junk - food wrappers, food cans, boxes, metal lids, plastic bags, raffia string, plastic bottles, bottle caps, wire bits, plastic bits, used pens - you name it, I have it. But most of the time, I stash only stuff with attractive designs, or if I plan to do something with them. I wanted to collect old toothbrushes too, but then changed my mind because I scared later dunno what will grow on the brushes. But you know, the handle is so nice? Colourful-colourful one?

4. I've been through the addicted-to-Neopets phase. It lasted for 2 years straight, from lower 6 to upper 6, with at least 5 hours each day of Neopoints-collecting - games, Esophagor & Snow Faerie quests and shop-stocking. My goal is to collect ALL cakes found in Neopia, which is practically impossible la. Now, it's not that crazy anymore la. But I still log in to get my bank interest every day. :P

Okla, I can't think of anything else already. I'm not that weird lo. :) And I very nice one lo - no tags after me. :)


lynnx01 said...

Hahah!! You know I'll read.. anyway, didn't know you're a Neopets addict. Not that I am.. but I help my sisters and cousins play once in a while.

Sing Yee said...

Heh... Yup, I was addicted for a looong period of time. I got my brother into it too, and he was equally addicted, but he collects Neopoints for me. :P