Saturday, April 21, 2007


Ha..... Finally, our seemingly endless class tests are over!!! Now, our 3-week study break starts, and then it'll be the End-of-Semester exams. T-T

The night before the UTP (Understanding the Patient) paper, my hands were itching like mad for wanting to make stuff. I haven't been doing anything crafty at all for more than 2 weeks or so, and my crafty juices were full to bursting. There was this thought playing over and over again in my mind. Recycling all my scrap felt from leftover cuttings into something beautiful of sale-value. So, here was the stash :

I came up with this brooch :

Then, yesterday afternoon, I continued making another one; a sea-themed brooch. The 2 rhinestones and little puffy fish was from the swap with Rainbow Mermaid.

Click on the pics to go to their respective listing on Etsy, or check out my shop for more stuff. :)

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