Thursday, April 5, 2007

Black + White Fantastic Plastic Charm Bracelet + Kawaii Stationery

Wah... I just had a difficult test paper today - Organic Chemistry. Actually, the subject itself is not really that hard at all, but as there are a lot of chemical reactions (with the conditions and catalysts and additives and all) to remember for each, my mind just couldn't take in all of that in just one and a half days, after the Physical Chemistry paper on Monday. T-T

Anyway, am really happy - super hyper - because I collected 2 packages from the uni's reception counter today! One was a swap from Joanna aka Rainbow Mermaid from the UK. She's one of the few gifted kitsch charm jewelry makers on Etsy. I was lucky enough to swap because she loves kawaii stickers, of which I have bunches and bunches. :) I swapped for one of her FUNKYLICIOUS charm bracelets.

I especially like the cat charm and black round plastic charm with a white star. Since this was on sale (buy 1 get 1 free), she asked me to choose another item from that section. I chose a blue enamel butterfly on gold chain necklace. Initially, when I decided on that, I planned to have it as a freebie giveaway. Why? Because I haven't worn a necklace for a looong time, since I was in standard 5 (darjah 5). But when I saw the real gem today, I'm in love with it. No way am I parting with it. :P I can always accustom myself to wearing something beautiful on my neck again. :P

The other package was my ebay order from myTarson. The Hong Kong based kawaii gift shop was also having some sale items which I found hard to resist. I'm a sucker for Japanese kawaii memo pads with yummy food. *-*

And must haves ...... CRAM CREAM DECO TAPES!!!!!! :D

Hah.... just came back from Farah's place. Me and my friend went to her house, and we cooked dinner. :) Fishball + fishcake soup with cabbage, carrots and glass noodles (dong fen). My friend made potato salad (cooked potato cubes and carrots + mashed boiled egg + dendeng + mayonnaise). Dendeng is a Malay dish - something like shredded beef with herbs and spices. It's extremely tasty and addictive. I love love LOVE it!

I find it a good relax-therapy, eating and talking together. :) It's such a no-worry thing, and I haven't been doing that for some time now. After eating, we just watched TV with another 3 more friends (Farah's housemates), occasionally gossiping about our uni's happenings. :) Fun. :)


lynnx01 said...

YOu can actually direct courier/parcel to the uni? That's good.. then we just collect from the uni?

Sing Yee said...

Yup. I put my student ID after my name also la, with the uni's address. I asked the 1st floor reception's office (where they handle mails) if I could have mails sent to me through the uni's address, and it's allowed. :) The student affairs department notified me by phone when there's mail for me.