Saturday, March 31, 2007

Charm Swaps

I was browsing through my favourite shops on Etsy, and I came across the blog of one of the sellers. Noticed on the side navigation that she joined Just Simply Charming. I clicked on the link and was immediately stunned.....

The awesomeness!!!!!

How this GORGEOUS bracelet came about? The hostess, Ruth Rae, organised a charm swap sometime late of 2006. There were 24 artists and crafters altogether in this project. Each one of them made 24 identical charms, according to their liking and preference. They then send them all to Ruth, who compiled each of the 24 different charms into a bracelet. There were 20 or so identical bracelets, which Ruth sent out to each of the contributors.

I so want this bracelet! The blog dedicated to this project, Just Simply Charming, was written by Ruth, and there are amazing tutorials on how to make each of the charms, contributed by the artists. There are progress reports too. :) Neat eh?

Besides this project, Ruth organised an earlier Fabric Charm Swap, also with the same concept. Check out each individual charm on her Flickr set. I'm just overwhelmed by the beauty of each piece.

I love this concept of different artists coming together to make something so wonderful. I hope I'll get the chance to participate in such a charm swap next time. :)


lynnx01 said...

Awesome! Hey Sing Yee, wondering if you're interested in making watches. I see so many watch faces for sale on they are so nice! Rhinestones studded and all those. Maybe you can venture into that.

Sing Yee said...

Yes isn't it? I'm not too sure about watches, because I'd rather make bracelets on which you can put as much decorations as you like. The watch face would be a hinder there. XD
I'm thinking of learning real jewelry-making, as in making chain bracelets with silver sterling and all that. The problem now is where do I start. :/ Nevermind, will concentrate on my class tests first. :)