Sunday, March 11, 2007

Junky Wall Hanging

Yup, I'm starting all over again. With a new blog I mean. I've been using Friendster's blogging service, but there are limitations - not being able to edit HTML for instance.

One of the features I like about Blogger is the 'Add a Page Element' tool. I really like the idea of being able to add almost anything to my blog - counters, graphics, videos and links. It's very very flexible, and I find it useful because I can express myself by putting up links of my favourite websites, eye-catching web-badges and buttons, and pictures. :)

Ever since I'd have the master bedroom all to myself, I couldn't help noticing that the walls are all white and blank. Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying that I don't like white. In fact, I feel that white is the most suitable colour for a bedroom as it gives a sense of space and peace. It's just that I'd like something colourful to cheer me up. :)

So this morning, I was full of crafty energy. I decided to relieve myself of the itchiness to make something - I whipped up a Junky Wall Hanging. :D

Many people don't know, except my family and perhaps my housemates, that I love collecting chocolate and sweet wrappers, and any food wrappings that catches my fancy, especially those of Japanese snacks. *so kawaii~!* Even the cardboard boxes used for packing biscuits and mixes and such, I feel inclined to keep them. Oh, and FOOD LABELS!!! I love hoarding them. :D Yeah, I'm a junk collector.

...And after some double-sided tape and cellophane tape, I managed to assemble everything on a piece of old cardboard. Added a few touches with red and black raffia string. :) For hanging, I just punched two holes and string the whole schwagg with a twisted strand of red and black raffia.

You know sometimes brand-name shops like Tropicana Life, Girls, Body Glove and such give away ID-card-sized pocket calendars? Just take extras, because you never know when they might come in handy..... for crafting! :D I hadn't notice how attractive the designs on them are, until my sister gave a few to me. Normally, if I'm the one who takes them, I wouldn't have given them much thought. But, actually, the graphics are not bad, really. They're sort of retro, punkish, and bold. I like. :) So, I stuck 3 of these at random places on The Junky Wall Hanging. :D

Initially, I was thinking of buying prints from Etsy. There are several sellers who make great prints, but the prices are equally nice. :P Here's an example of four prints from one of my favourite sellers, erinzam :

Nice right? If I can next time, I will definitely sign up for a print-making course. Having said that, I'll first learn to make the graphics. :)

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