Thursday, March 22, 2007

JSR #3 : Berry Mousse Pocky (Glico)

Price : RM9.90

Weight : 56g

Found : Isetan KLCC

*Phew*.... This morning, we (the 2nd sem BPharm students) just had our first class test of the semester. General Pharmacology. Walau! Sooo hard! Actually, if I had spent more time on revising and studying, I wouldn't have my conscience constantly reminding me that my poor confidence in doing well for this paper was all my own doing. :(

Anyhow, for cheering ups, I went on sampling one of the many varieties of Japan's most popular snack, Pocky. This 'humble stick of comfort' is marketed and recognised world-wide. People have grown so fond of this snack that there are hundreds of consumer products in the market nowadays that carry the trademark red box and biscuit sticks with 'POCKY' over them. Jewelry plastic charms, erasers, vinyl bags and button pins are but a few examples.

So, today's Pocky is of berry mousse flavoured. I tell you, this is probably the most ridiculously priced snack you can find in Malaysia. I don't know lah, but to me it seems that way. Why? In this one box costing RM9.90, there are 3 individual packs. In each of these packs, there are 4 sticks of Pocky. So, in total, there are 12 sticks in the box. That means one stick of mousse covered biscuit is equivalent to RM0.83. Walau! :P

But after eating it slowly *they're expensive what - must savour the taste while they last!*, I find that RM9.90 is worth tasting them. :) But of course, I hope to find a $$-full 'lau-gong' in the future so that I can continue trying out new Japanese snacks! :D

Yup... so.... the biscuit stick was nice - crunchy and just like any biscuits should be. The mousse cream was.... oh so lovely! Though somewhat heavy with the smell of berries, I find it delightful as it blends really well with hints of creamy milk and vanilla. :9 Mmmm.....


Daniela said...

I bought Pocky when i was in Thailand. (I live in sweden) The price was def cheeper in thailand. The chocko sticks are great, try em.

Sing Yee said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. :) I believe it's only the flavoured pockys that are a bit expensive. I haven't had the original chocolate Pocky because there are so many exciting flavours! I will get it when I go on my next Isetan-shopping-spree. :D

lynnx01 said...

Wah, looks like you're having a fun time trying out different types of Japanese snacks. If one day I bum into you and you happen to be holding one of these expensive snacks, 'cia' me eat a bit, ya? :)

Sing Yee said...

Heh... Yup, I can belanja you. :) But only if you're not afraid of gaining a few extra pounds after that! :D Ohoho... XD Heh... just kidding! :D

Sera said...

I loved this flavor the most out of all the winter Pocky flavors. :)