Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I LOVE Rainbows!

Yup. I totally heart rainbows. :D

Today, I'm really happy because 2 packages arrived. One is an order from an ebay store. The store name is haveonhand, and I ordered a one-band plain silver sterling ear cuff. It's ABSOLUTELY PUNK! Love the rougish look it gives me when I put it on!

It a queer thing - I can't find a single ear cuff in Kuala Lumpur. Not in the mega-happnening shopping complexes anyway. Early this year, sometime in January, I tried KLCC and MidValley. Searched and asked in jewelry stores like Sinma, Chameleon and Cindy. Even tried Teddy Tales. Non of these shops have any ear cuffs. I suppose it's partly because ear cuffs are out of date already. Maybe it's also because I didn't search thoroughly.

So, since I cannot find ear cuffs in Malaysia, I decided to buy one online. Actually, I wanted this ear cuff :

Only seen it in an ebay store, but unfortunately, the seller doesn't ship to Malaysia. *Bleh~* So nice right the ear cuff?

The other package is from Chelsea, a jewelry maker on Etsy. Check her out at resplendentredhead. She makes GORGEOUS kistchy jewelry. I was browsing the Time Machine on Etsy, when I came across her newly listed 57-inch Rainbow Necklace. I just had to have it. I contacted her and asked to see if she would want to trade for anything in my shop. She agreed and was glad to swap the necklace with my ice cream pins! I'm sooo happy! And I'm even happier when I got the necklace. :) It's just the thing I wanted, and in the most perfect colours! But I'm a bit sceptical of wearing it... because people here will just stare and stare if you wear something like that out to anywhere. :P At the moment, I'm content just staring and admiring it. :P

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