Friday, March 23, 2007

Space Junk Brooches~

While I was busy trying out the Japanese snacks and taking photos of them, the mailman came ringing my doorbell and he gave me package. :) From UK.

Love the packaging, with purple paper strips plus stars and hearts confetti. :)

Wohoo! It's from Jacqueline of HipHipHOORAY on Etsy. I traded with her; I really love her Space Junk Brooches. They're made from Friendly Plastic :

Friendly Plastic® Designer Sticks are a non-toxic plastic that can be used to create exciting jewelry, accessories, home decor, and wearable art projects. Finished pieces made with Friendly Plastic® can be used alone or combined with jewelry findings, picture frames, porcelain-like faces or anything that pleases your imagination.
Free form designs can be made with Friendly Plastic® Designer Sticks by softing them in warm water (140º F, 60º C) and then shaping with your hands, craft tools or any household object. Friendly Plastic® Designer Sticks can also be used to create two-dimensional designs by layering different colors then carefully placing your design on a cookie sheet and baking in a standard or toaster oven. Friendly Plastic® cools and becomes hard again in just a few seconds when placed into cold water but can be resoftened for reuse or to make changes when placed back into warm water.

I love love LOVE the pretties. :) Jacky uses all sorts of odds and bits such as coloured metal wires (shaped into spirals and circles), seed beads, acrylic star beads, pearls, fine metal chains and POMPOMS! Though they're made from heat-sensitive plastic, they feel hard as cement at the moment! :D

I feel so lucky that I could trade for them. :) There are still 2 more left in her shop, and they're only US$10 each. Under-priced I think. Works of art so beautiful as these should be priced at least $20 in my opinion. :) Grab them while they're there!


lynnx01 said...

These are so pretty! Looks metal to me. To me USD10 is too pricey because I have to convert them to RM.

Sing Yee said...

Yeah... very pretty! You should have a look at how other sellers price their items on Etsy. I'm really surprised that no one has bought the brooches - they're absolutely gorgeous.