Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kawaii~neh! Bloggo Freebie #1

Congratulations to EMILY!!!

Contest is over. Thanks to everyone who participated. :)

To celebrate my new start on Blogger, I'm giving the opportunity for Etsy users (sellers and buyers) to win Kawaii-neh!'s trademark Water Drop Guy (Shizuku Blue)!

ONE user will be picked randomly as the owner of this little guy. It will be done on Sunday (18th March 2007), notification and announcement will be done on the same day. The user will be notified via email and Etsy convo. This post will also be edited to announce who won. :)

Do you want to win?

1. You must have an Etsy account. Etsy is a great place for you to buy all things handmade. :)
2. Post a comment on this post. Include your Etsy username and also your email.
3. Take a look at my Etsy shop - Kawaii~neh! and include in your comment which item (can be either sold or active listing) you like the most, and which item you are most likely to buy. You can have one item you like the most and it can also be the item you are most likely to buy. It doesn't neccessarily have to be 2 separate items. :)

Easy peasy? Start posting people! :D

p/s : I'd love to hear shoutouts on my cBox. :D

25 comments: said...

Hey Kawaii~neh! Great idea to have a contest on your blog. I hope it works. Maybe I'll do one too. My Etsy shop is & email is I really love your little plushies. My favorites are the fruit salad and the little nature perk-you-up set. They are adorable, you gotta add more of that stuff to the shop. I'd say the first thing I'd buy is the leafy pins, and then a notebook. Good luck with your contest.

stargumball said...

I love your little felty creations, they're so bright and cute I can't help but smile.

Sign me up for your water drop guy : )

Kelly Bauer

Carlie said...

I love your rainbow star pins.. those are adorable! Sign me up for your little guy.. carlierae26 is my etsy name.

lynnx01 said...

Hey Sing Yee!! Finally I landed on your blog. I absolutely admire what you're doing - something I totally, totally lack of; creativity & patience. I love crafts, arts and all these but very bad in it. I don't qualify for your contest but will one day want to be one of your buyers, that's for sure. :)

Sing Yee said...

lynn01. Great to see you here! Wait with good thoughts because I will be holding more freebie-giveaways from time to time, and I'm thinking of doing one for Blogger users too, and my mutual friends. :)

Wai Sze said...

Cool contest. I love Sunshine Ray Plush Pin. You need more stuff in your shop! Everything is so cute!

Wai Sze

Crafty Wino, aka Connie said...

Very cute raindrop! And I like your blog as well, very colorful items and such. I'm still trying to fiddle with mine as I just started my first a few days ago.

Hope I win, and thanks~

Sing Yee said...

Connie, please post your Etsy username and your email to be entered in the draw. :)

lynnx01 said...

Hey Sing Yee, maybe I can put a banner link from my blog to help you advertise your blog cos your blog is really cool. You can share tips on those crafts you make too.

Emily said...


It was really difficult to choose my favorite item in your shop- so many cute things to choose from!

Alas, my favorite item is the "Little Nature Perk-You-Up Set". Such adorable little clouds!

Emily Poland

Sing Yee said...

lynn01, thanks! I'm thinking of putting links of friends' blogs too. Would you want a banner from me? How big would you want it?

Sparkle-Rama said...

love your shop...i already had you hearted!...i'd be most likely to buy the perk up weather cute!!
my etsy name is sparklerama and my email is

Michal said...

yay! how cute. kawaii rocks.
i'm PaperArmadillo at
you can email me at mwright AT michalwright DOT com

fitdeaf said...

Hey my name is Shannon and I'm an Etsy addict. I don't have anything up but I look to every Etsy shop for inspiration and drink up some creative juice I collect while I browse... your store is VERY colorful and I LOVE notepads... I'd definitely like this one...Japanese Washi Altered Notepad 2 because its the way my mind looks right now.. all colorful so distorted and creative but darn hard to get on paper.. so the notepad matches my mind. email is and good luck with this contest! Hearted ya for future possible purchases!

Kate said...

My etsy Name is manylayersofkate and I love the leaf pins set they are my favorite and I woul dbuy them because they match a bag that I have in my collection.

Beadinky said...

I love the blue water drop guy! So definately include me in your drawing. I just started my blog too. What a good idea for getting it going. My favorite item is your other felt set with the leaves. They are much like your blue guy and I love that whimsical stuff.


Anna Marie said...

Hey there majorly cute water drop love it and such cute stuff in your shop (^_^).


My Etsy shop is: email is:

Anna Marie said...

Whoops sorry I would most likely buy the leafy pins as they are soooooo totally cute-tastic! But my absolute favourite are the sold little nature perk you up set:

lynnx01 said...

A banner which can fit into my sidebar will do. I won't charge advertising fee... haha! Just want to help the word around. :)

Sing Yee said...

Here's my shop banner. Thanks again for offering to put it up on your blog. :)

Jill said...

Hello! My favorite item of yours is the Fruit Salad - Lime and Grapefruit Wedge Plush the second I saw it! I even sent the link to coworkers so we could all oooh and aaah over them!
The item I would most likely buy is the Leafy pins set, I LOVE felt pins!
My etsy name is gtcowgirl and my email is
Thanks for having this fun drawing!

joface said...

hi--the leaf pins are really, really cute, as are the bunny pins. i'd probably buy the leaves.

joface at etsy

Kristin said...

Hello! Great shop! I especially like the fruit salad plush and the strawberry pin. Very cute designs, reasonable prices considering how long these must take to make!

winnieatepooh said...

Adorable goods!!! :D

My name is Sandy!
Etsy: winnieatepooh

Item I would like the most:
Little Nature Perk-You-Up Set

Item I am most likely to buy:
Along with these, I would also buy your cupcake or ice cream cone pins! They're all so beautiful!

Good luck!
Thanks so much!

Emily said...

Thanks for picking me! I'm so excited about my little water droplet guy!! I can't wait to meet him in person! I know we will be good friends...

Thanks again!