Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cream Cheese Yan Yan + Kawaii

This morning, I went to KLCC to relieve myself of the urge to buy some things. *Kawaii that is* Got myself a mushroom die-cut memo pad with 2 designs and a San-X dessert bunnies mini memo pad. And also a desserts-themed envelopes pack with 3 mini envelopes and 5 large ones. I just love foodies, don't you? :D

Also, I got myself a CUTIE Japanese magazine, featuring kawaii rooms and living spaces of Japanese teenage girls. It's a very colourful mag, and fully loaded with detailed pics of possessions, furniture and decorations. Although I cannot understand the writings, hoefully I'll gain inspiration from the pics to decorate my room. :)

Besides that, I sort of over-splurged on Japanese snacks at Isetan. :( There was this Meiji (Japanese confectionery and snacks manufacturing company) promotion, and tons of Hello Pandas, Yan Yans, and Puccas were luring me to buy. Why I over-spended my $$ - one reason was my own un-alertness and greediness. I saw this sign saying that "Purchase above RM50 of Meiji products and you will get a lucky draw for a Meiji hamper worth RM300. 15 hampers avaible!" I saw the sample hamper and almost fainted with want. SOOO many snacks inside! Can last me for at least 3 months, even if I open one every day!

Of course this advert prompted me to buy as much as I can. Well, one other reason was I have not bought any snacks (at all) for almost 2 whole months. :) So, I thought it wouldn't do harm to treat myself once in a while.

Mana tau when I checked out and paid, I was told that I was not qualified for the lucky draw. Why? It's only for Isetan member-card holders. Walau-eh!!!! I felt so stupid la.... because this piece of vital information was clearly stated on the notice! T-T Guess I was too excited about the first part that I didn't finish reading the whole thing. T-T

Haih.... Lesson learnt - must never spend so lavishly anymore. That is still something I'm trying very hard to control. :P Also, must be alert all the time. Cannot make the same mistake twice.

Never mind that. On to Japanese Snacks Review #1 : Cream Cheese Yan Yan!

First of all, you might want to know what Yan Yan is. It's basically comprised of a plastic container with 2 compartments - one for the biscuit sticks, and another smaller one for the dip. There are several flavours of dips - strawberry, chocolate, milk and the more recent cheese. Japanese-manufactured Yan Yan has better-tasting biscuit sticks and there are quirky texts imprinted on each one. This Cream Cheese Yan Yan I bought today is a product of Singapore (under Meiji's licencing). And it sucks. :(

I thought the cream cheese dip is sweet. I didn't expect a savoury dip. *Blergh* And the sticks masuk angin already. Not nice. :(


lynnx01 said...

WAH! You went to KLCC? Alone?? That's really nice. I haven't actually got the time and energy to go for retail therapy. Miss it loads...

Sing Yee said...

Yah! :P Actually, I prefer shopping by myself because I can go anywhere I want and spend the time as I want. :) Maybe you can find time during weekends to go?