Saturday, March 17, 2007

Vintage CHERRY SODA Bottle Cap Trinket Charm Bracelet

Wohoo! I got my bracelet from Nicole of Vintage Nouveau today! It's a sterling silver chain bracelet, fully loaded with all sorts of charms : BOTTLE CAPS! *I LOVE!!!*, dice, lego pieces! (OMG! *faints*), lampwork beads, COLGATE TOOTHPASTE CHARM!!! *faints*, buttons, a vintage guitar pick!, wooden game piece with number '29' on it.... and..... a black high heel shoe! :D

Waseh!!! I'm sooo happy with it! It's a total mass of red, white and black, jingly-pingly, perk-me-up, jazzy little piece of paradise!

And what's more, Nicole sent a pair of free earrings!!! Black Cherry Soda bottle caps! Too bad I can't wear them. :( As I've mentioned before, I'm allergic to all types of earrings, you name them - sterling silver, fake silver, gold, plastic, copper, soft plastic,.... anything. I pop them on not for 30 seconds and the pierced points start to itch. *Bummer~*

Check out her etsy shop (Vintage Nouveau). She's one of the most talented kistchy jewelry maker I've met on Etsy. :) Here are some of her available pieces :

She has the knack of choosing the right charm pieces for each accessory. And I love the way she uses colour combination / suiting to make her jewelry look appealing. Very appealing. :D I'm definitely going to be her lasting customer. :)

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