Monday, April 23, 2007

JSR #6 : Morinaga Chocolates

Haih... Something extremely bad happened on Sunday. The night before, I downloaded AVG Free from Ok, then I went to sleep. Sunday morning when I woke up, I couldn't log on my laptop. The darn thing just stubbornly kept 'welcoming' me and wouldn't do anyting else. Dread filled me as I recalled the same incident occurring to Farah after she updated her antivirus using IMU's wireless. Confirmed - it's the virus from the uni's 'Electronic Learning Lab 1' acting up on my hard drive.

Ah.... Ah.... AAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!
*sorry if it sounds fake; try it at faster intervals; that's how I vent my frustration - accompanied by fist banging on my poor defenseless plywood desk*

I didn't know what to do. Farah had her laptop reformatted by the Help Desk people (at uni). If I wanted to do the same, I'd have had to wait until Monday before anything can be done. That's a WHOLE DAY WITHOUT INTERNET ACCESS!!!

Then it dawned to me how very addicted I am to the web. I seriously cannot live one day without a click to either Etsy, Neopets, or Yahoo mail. I'd be all depressed and unreproductive.

So, I stuffed myself with chocolates bought the other day from MidValley.

Biz Chocolate (Morinaga)

Price : RM1.90

Weight : I forgot

Found : Jusco MidValley

This is actually the cheapest Japanese chocolate I've come across. Considering it's quantity - a LOT (about 20 or so individual chocolates) - it was a real steal. The quality is not bad at all. In fact, I think the packet is worth much more than RM1.90.

The chocolate consists of chocolate rice crispies sandwiched between 2 layers of milk chocolate. The rice crispies 'masuk angin' a biiit only, because it still tasted super. :)

Kizami Cacao 63% Bitter Chocolate (Morinaga)

Price : RM2.50

Weight : 40g

Found : Jusco MidValley

Caption found on box : ' "KIZAMI CACAO" is a real and rich taste bitter chocolate '. There were 10 individually packed chocolates. 63% meaning cocoa mass present in each is 63%. The bumpy bits seen on the chocolate surface is actually crisp cocoa chips. Very reasonable, the price. :) And as I always say, Japanese chocolates are the best, especially dark chococlate. :)

Chestnut Chocolate (Morinaga)

Price : 7.90

Weight : 56g

Found : Jusco MidValley

There are 10 chocolates in this one box. 10! T-T Each one is chestnut-shaped, with a chestnut-paste in the center. Though I wouldn't really go for these the next time, they're still quite ok - the sweetness of the milk chocolate makes up for the somewhat weird taste of chestnuts. Maybe chestnuts really do taste that way, I'm not too sure. :P

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