Thursday, April 26, 2007

Crepe + Apple Raisin Filling = YUM~

Relieved myself off the extra energy by making some crepes. The other day, during my afternoon trip to Petaling Street, I managed to grab a packet of all-purpose flour and a 500g pack of granulated sugar. From 7Eleven. Ok, laugh la. But really, I wanted to stock up on raw supplies so that I can cook some stuff, and at that moment, 7Eleven was the only store in sight that sells groceries.

But I warn you - never go there purposefully to buy groceries. It'll kill you and your money. You'll end up beating yourself after you see the very same item with only half the price on Carrefour's shelf. :P

Ok then, my self-invented Crepe recipe :

5 mounted tablespoonfuls of all-purpose flour (plain flour la)
1 tablespoon of butter at room temperature (don't put too much, just about 1 tbspn is enough)
1 egg
1 cup of milk

Enough for roughly 4 pieces of fairly large crepe.

Dump everything into a mixing bowl and whisk with all your might. Use either an egg-whisk, or a plain old fork (like I did). But kesian me, I whisk the thing until like what oni. Or for a more hassle-free method, dump everything into a food processor and bleeend.

How I came up with this simple yet successful (ceh~) crepe batter. Dr KYB of BPharm onced mentioned in our Physical Pharmacy class that cake batter is just an oil-in-water emulsion suspension. Flour are solid particles suspended in a butter-in-milk emulsion. The important thing one must remember is the surface active agent - the egg. Egg contains Lecithin, a natural emulsifier, enabling stable mixing of oil and water components.

At least I think the explanation was like that. :D

Anyways, the crepe turned out to a super duper yummeh! Crisp and fluffy at the same time! And the buttery aroma! Oh so nice! *Faints* Notice that I didn't put in any sugar, because I wanted to make some savoury filling too. If you like, 2 tablespoons of sugar would suffice me thinks. :)

Tuna Filling : Canned tuna + mayonnaise (campur campur), spread on crepe and top with a slice of cheese. Roll up like a popiah, and cut if you like fancy-fancy. Serve with cucumber and tomato slices (I didn't have cucumbers).

Apple Raisin Filling : One large red apple or 2 green apples + a handful of raisins + stir-fry with a slab of butter + 2 tablespoons sugar. Enough for 2 slices of crepe (but I ate with one slice only - oh so sweet! :D).

Oh the apple sauce! Syrupy shiny saucy goodness. :9

Ok, then. I made more stuff :

Chocolate Cake Pony Hair Ties Set

Vintage Buttons Pony Hair Ties Set

I need you honest opinions. Would these sell? How much do you think you'd pay if you want to buy? Fellow Malaysians and Singaporeans most welcome. :) I'd love to hear your voices. If you think this is ceh ("I can also make what"), please let me know too so that I can make other stuffs. :) Thanks~


lynnx01 said...

I thought I left a comment here last night? Maybe it timed out.

Anyway, wanna share my opinion. I feel that the vintage-looking rubber bands are very nice! Just that, maybe you you should look into getting better rubber bands to go with it. That type of thin rubber bands don't last on rough hair like mine. Just a thought, though.. but some people can use over and over again without breaking it.

Sing Yee said...

Thanks for the input. :) Actually, I made these to use up the extra ones I bought in a whole pack. :P Normally, I use much thicker ones, but I bought these finer ones because I need to replace them on some of my button hair ties. :)

iSew said...

I don't have long hair, so I can't say I know how much to sell them for, but I think they're really cute. Do some research on Etsy, there are tons for sale there.