Monday, April 23, 2007

I Attack You with Rainbows ~

So, before my chocolate lunch on Sunday (as described in the previous post), I made use of the internet-free period to make some of the stuff I've been meaning to make.

"I Attack You with Rainbows" 2 Pins Set

Haven't listed it on Etsy yet. Probably will do so when I've sorted out my blog posts and layout. Listed on Etsy; click on the picture to see the listing. :) Each pin measures about 3 inches across and is backed with a layer of sturdy black felt. See the pale cream plastic thingy shaped like a piece from a jigsaw-puzzle (in the middle of the green-blue star)? It's actually used to secure a bread-loaf bag. :) I've collected quite a number of these as a result of everyday-sandwiches-because-no-time-to-cook. :D

I really love making rainbow stuff. :) I feel extremely happy and excited when I look at the completed work.

So, then, feeling in need of a good walk, I decided to get myself to Petaling Street after lunch. I just love the atmosphere; food smells, all sorts of odds and ends on display at street stalls, more food, more stuff and of course, the people-diversity. Sometimes, when I'm waiting for the LRT or just waiting for something la, I'd just sit and watch the people walking by. It's really quite interesting - the way some of them dressed, the things they have on their person (accessories, bags, buys), the way they talk, the way they walk, their hairstyle.... countless of 'idle entertainment' to be watched.

Ok, I didn't pay RM4 to and fro Plaza Rakyat just to watch people la. I need some window-shopping therapy. Notice I said 'window-shopping'. Normally, it'd be 'shopping spree'. :P Went to a few places; Popular Bookstore, stretch of stalls in ChinaTown, Macy's (craft supplies store), and Living Cabin. I'd love to have explore more if not for the cloudy sky.

As a treat to cheer me up after the virus-attack-on-my-computer trauma, I bought some tarts from a bakery further down from the corner-Watsons. The tarts are just yum. I've been buying them each time I visit Petaling Street ever since I was in early secondary school. Back then, my dad always brought us to KL during the school holidays. Each time, we stayed in the Wisma Methodist, which is situated just off the Street, within walking-distance. :)

Potugese Egg Tart + Chocolate Cheese Tart + Blackberry Cheese Tart

The prices range from RM1-1.50 I think. If you want to get some and wonder how you're supposed to find the bakery; just walk straight when you come out from the Plaza Rakyat LRT station - pass Pudu Bus Station - pass a hotel *I didn't notice the name* and Nandos both on your left - until you reach the corner Watsons. Then just continue on in the same direction (straight) past Watsons and the bakery is among the shops on your left. you might miss it if you're not careful because there's a booth selling mobile phones sort of blocking it. Oh, and for additional info, there's an internet cafe situated on the second floor which can be accessed from the bakery. :)

I can't describe the yumminess of these beauties... Just remember not to leave them overnight because the crunchy crust would have then gone soft.

Mmm.... :9

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