Wednesday, July 11, 2007

JSR #10 : Rega Chocolate (Meiji) + Takenoko-Bitter Cookies and Cream (Meiji)

AHHH! Cannot upload pics! *Sorry you have to bear with my cannot-upload-pics complaints these few days*.

Now, I'm not so sure whether it's just Blogger or it's my internet connection. T.T This afternoon, I tried uploading to Flickr. Can upload, but it took damn long la. 3 pics like 15 minutes. -_-" Usually, can upload like 10 pics in just less than 10 seconds. T-T But there weren't any other online browsing problems at all leh. I don't know la.

Rega Chocolate (Meiji)

Price : RM6.59

Weight : 81g

Found : Isetan KLCC

These are thin chocolate/biscuit type of snack (my absolute favourite, other than pure milk and dark chocolate). Each piece constitutes of 3 very thin but solid wafer-biscuits, coated with smooth and extra rich dark chocolate. Very nice and worth your money. There are quite a lot in one package, about more 20-30, I think. *You must know by now that I only eat. I don't count. XD*

Shee how thin it ish? Yup, it's thin but nice. Konon-nya, so that you won't feel like you're fattening yourself up *although actually, you are*.

Takenoko-Bitter Cookies and Cream (Meiji)

Price : RM6.59

Weight : 59g

Found : Isetan KLCC

I think this is one of the special limited editions of this pine cone shaped chocolate cookies. The cookie is of bitter dark chocolate, and the topping is creamy white chocolate, with a little of cocoa dustings to finish. I particularly love the vanilla flavoured white chocolate topping - it's exceptionally good and yummy. :D


Here I am. Talking about yummy Japanese snacks. Enjoying the thrill of taking photos of their absolutely attractive packagings. Almost suffocating myself with excitement and anticipation while slowly tearing open the packaging. Then savouring with relish and happiness the uber cute and yummy, scrumpylicious and super-mm-mm contents.

I should treasure those moments while they last.

Portfolios, PBLs (problem-based learning), lab reports and lectures loomed in the background. My conscience is poking me. I have to start working on them already. I'm feeling so guilty, at the same time, I dread having to force myself to do all that. I HATE stressing myself out. T-T


Mikiye Creations said...

I had to come and see what you had up today1
I'm trying to lose weight!!!
The chocolate wafers look sooo yummy!

lynnx01 said...

I feel like chunking them down my mouth too! Here back at home the fridge only contains raw food unfit for consumption. :(

Sing Yee said...

Mikiye - :D The chocolate wafers were indeed good. XD

Lynn Xuan - Raw food can be cooked. :) Better for health. Unlike the situation here - I'm like setting up a chocolate store in my apartment unit. T-T