Friday, July 13, 2007

JSR #12 : Choco Kouka Cassis (Meiji)

Price : RM12.99

Weight : 82 g (about 15 individual pieces)

Found : Isetan KLCC

Dark chocolate containing 72% cocoa. :D Should be perfect for those of you who love chocolate but still want that nice figure. :D Have read quite a number of articles saying that a little (I forgot how many grams) of dark chocolate consumption every day will do your health good. That is if the dark chcocolate is pure dark chocolate la. Not the fake type (which is unfortunately, quite abundant in Malaysia).

This dark chocolate is berry-flavoured (cassis). It's quite fascinating, how sweet-smelling it is, and yet when I ate it, the berry taste is quite mild, not over-overpowering at all, unlike the can-burp-a-strawberry-volcano-after-8-hours YanYan.


Today, we had our second (I think) Extemporaneous Dispensing Workshop. This is something like calculating the correct dosage for a drug formulation (suspension, syrup and who-knows-what-else) for a specific patient, making the drug formulation, labelling and everything.

During the workshop today, each group was asked to present a scenario of a patient consulting a pharmacist after a doctor has prescribed him/her with medication. The pharmacist is supposed to give the drug/medication, and politely 'teach' the patient the right way of applying, or taking it.

Miss Wong, our lecturer for the day, related to us some ridiculous yet real events regarding the application of medication at the vaginal area. :D

Scenario 1 : Pharmacist not too fluent in BM. It's quite hard to describe in BM if the medication is indicated for the private parts. So :

Pharmacist : Makcik, ini ubat sapu dekat tempat kencing ya?
(Pharmacist asked Aunty to apply the vaginal cream at the place where she urinates)
Makcik : Ya.
(Aunty says ok)
Pharmacist : Tahu ya, Makcik, mana nak sapu ubat?
(Pharmacist confirms with Aunty if she truly knows where to apply the cream)
Makcik : Ya. Kat tempat kencing kan?
(Aunty says she knows - at the place of urination)
Pharmacists : Ya. *smiles*
(Pharmacist is relieved that Aunty gets the message)

One week later :

Makcik : Eh, amoi. Ubat ni tak da kesan pun?
(Aunty says the cream has no effect on her vaginal fungal infection)
Pharmacist : Makcik sapu kat mana?
(Pharmacist asks where Aunty applied the cream)
Makcik : Kat tempat kencing la.
(Aunty says "at the place I urinate la")

Meaning she applied the cream at the toilet seat. -_-" *I'm speechless*

Scenario 2 : This time, the patient got quite ok punya English la.

Pharmacist : Apply this medication at your private part.
Patient : Where? Everywhere on my body also private ma!



lynnx01 said...

HHAHAHAHHAH!! The two scenarious are so funny. LOLs!! :D

Well, now I really wonder how much you spent at Isetan KLCC buying those snacks.

Sing Yee said...

Ya lo. :D

Um... I'd rather not say - otherwise you may faint upon hearing the amount. Can probably estimate from the prices of each one I've posted. >.< Yes, I know I know... so memboroskan. But I can't help myself. :P