Tuesday, July 24, 2007

JSR #14 : Fruits Pretz (Glico) + Petit Gateau Fromage Chocolat (Bourbon)

Fruits Pretz (Glico)

Price : RM6.99

Weight : 36g

Found : Isetan KLCC

There are 4 individual packets of fruity pretzel sticks in the box, with each pack containing about 20 15-20 sticks. Quite worth your money lo. The sticks are just WOOHOO! Nice nice NICE! Crunchy and fruity, like freshly baked cookies! I think each stick is coated with a very thin layer of the fruity flavoured sugar-syrup, when hardens, gives a very crisp texture. :9

Petit Gateau Fromage Chocolat (Bourbon)

Price : RM9.80

Weight : 57g

Found : Isetan KLCC

This is even more ridiculously priced than Pocky. In this RM9.80 box, got only 8 (EIGHT) individually packed pieces..... WALAU-EHHH!!!! No need like that la!!! Soooo kiam-siap worrrrr!

They're actually little layered cake cubes, topped with creme fromage (a type of french or italian cream -I'm not too sure lo), and covered with white chocolate. Nothing to shout about. T.T And to tell the truth, they're not really nice. The cake's a bit like stale, but luckily the cream and chocolate covering are good. But I'll not buy them a second time. Never. >.<


This evening, our first outdoor activity was launched - for the juniors I mean. I'm one of the OOs (Orientation Officer) for a group. The group was the fastest among 10 groups (each with 8-10 people) to finish all 10 stations of games. There were "Burst the Balloon, Passing Plastic, Wash Face, AEIOU, Passing Chairs, Commander Crawl, Passing Banana with Mouth, I'm Not Colour Blind - This Is", plus two other games I'm not really sure how to describe them.

Actually, they're not that hard, provided that the seniors weren't continuously showering the juniors with garlic water, flour paste, belachan and what-nots. :P

I should be feeling exhilarated and happy after the games. But I'm not feeling that. Instead, I felt left out. There were altogether 4 OOs in my group - all girls. Actually, the OOs should participate in each game to collect more points for the group. I really wanted to join. I understand that OOs also have the responsibility to help take care of the juniors (which my previous OOs did extra well! I love them all!). However, my group OO leader, this girl, never asked us other OOs to join. She sendiri go and play and have all the fun, leaving us all to drag along with handphones, wallets, keys and water bottles.

I respect her leadership and role. What I don't understand is, why she never gather us OOs all together to talk to us about the activities. The OOs have to inform the juniors about everything regarding the activites during the orientation week. So, me and the other OOs of the group is blur most of the time. We asked our leader, what we should know, and how we should guide the juniors. But her response was, "Nevermind, I can help them." And that was that. If her mood is good, she'll answer, "You be alert a bit la. See what the other groups do, you do la." (note: the second response is for the Clue Hunt, when the juniors have to collect clues from various individuals of seniors).

As of today, she totally abondoned the group during a noon-time dress-code inspection (when the juniors were being inspected for their costumes) and clue-finding session. As a result, one of my batchmates, also one of the group OO, had to take over the group. She did a truly great job in guiding the juniors to collect all the clues for the day.

We ordinary OOs do not attend OO meetings, which are for OO leaders only. So, we were not briefed about what we should do and how we should guide the juniors. It is up to the OO leader to brief her OOs. I really cannot understand why she doesn't brief us about anything.

This girl I'm talking about with much dislike, is one of my previous orientation group members. She was in my orientation group, when we just came to IMU. I SUPER enjoy the orientation the seniors prepared for us! :D But this girl, she never joined any of the outdoor games. Never. I remembered her telling our group OO leader then that she has sensitive skin or something like that. So, she happily stood at the side while we others rolled in watery yellow mud, drank flour-plus-chilli-plus-onions-plus-dunnowat mixture, and ate maggie mee while being man-carted to and fro a grassy plain.

I recalled fondly too, that me and another girl, we just sort of represented our group as 'the girls', because then, most other girls in our group began to not join the activites as well. Maybe yeah, the activities were too rough for girls la, but I like lo. :D

What I'm really confused me after the games today, was that this girl (whom I've decribed with much distaste), joined the juniors for ALL the games. Part of me is saying - she regretted not joining the games during her own orientation, and wanted to have fun or make up for it - and that's of course, very normal. Another part of me is asking - but why she doesn't want us other OOs to join as well. She's been telling me this few days that her feet hurts, so she cannot join the juniors and help them during the activities. But why did she force herself to play EVERY SINGLE game, and get herself a leg cramp in the end?

Obviously, she could have asked us other OOs if we could help her by joining in the games or not. A few stations, I did really want to join already, but then I thought, why spoil the juniors's fun. It's their orientation after all, so I refrained myself. Plus, I'm lunging around this messenger bag containing 10 wallets and 10 handphones, plus don't-know-how-many sets of keys. And water bottles. One other OO was taking pictures, and yet another helping the juniors hold their specs and such.

I'm thinking, am I just jealous of not being able to participate? The OO leader obviously knows that the more OOs participate, the more points the group will get. And my group OO leader didn't even tell us OOs about this. I heard and asked about it from one of the station masters, only I knew.

I don't know what to think already. I've never felt so much dislike and loathing for a person before. In fact, I haven't felt this way since.... I don't even remember when! Outwardly, I may look like I can say 'go to hell la you!' anytime, but that's just my facial expression. My biasa punya facial expression is memang like that, making people feel uncomfortable many a time. Yet I've never NOT come to terms with any othe person before. Everyone I've met in my life, I respected them for who they are. But in this case, I find it as difficult to do as running 20 rounds non-stop around the Commonwealth Park, not to say climb mount Everest. I really find it hard.

I'm typing this entry before I go to bed. I want to get it off my chest.

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