Saturday, July 7, 2007

Review on Of Hope And Love (Lynn Xuan's Blog)

Of Hope and Love. What come across your mind when you saw this title?

Lynn Xuan (girl behind Of Hope and Love) writes mostly about her life experiences, ordinary and extraordinary encounters. Reason why I love reading her blog is I can actually relate to the stuff she blogs about. Like the posts on weight-maintaining difficulties and struggles through life as a university student. Her writing style is simple yet witty, which clearly passes on the message she intends to convey, sometimes delivering a hint of humour.

After reading one of her recent posts, the one on Anorexia, I thought I should share about my own experiences on 'slimming efforts'. ALL girls strive towards the ideal 'stick figure'. No use trying to deny it, if you're a girl reading this. Yes, because even if you don't try to look that way, you'll always be wishing that you do look that way.

I'm not sure about being anorexic, as Lynn Xuan had guessed about her own condition a few years ago, but when I was 17, I changed my eating habit from stuff-yourself-with-food-until-you-vomit to eat-3-small-sticks-of-carrots-for-dinner. I cut down my food portion, stayed away from oily food, stayed to 2 meals *note : only breakfast and lunch* per day without any snacking in between.

That I maintained for more than one year. And suddenly one day, after this extreme 'slimming effort', I was hit by severe pains in my stomach, or rather, the whole of my abdomen area. Went for a checkup, and the doctor said I'm damaging my stomach. Have to eat properly, cannot starve myself anymore. But that doesn't mean I can start fattening myself up with chocolate, cheeses and cakes. T.T Still have to watch out for fats and sweets.

So, I took to exercising every day. Brief 45-minute walks/jogs would do. :D That, up till now, has succesfully helped me feel healthy and happy. :)

As Lynn Xuan mentioned, young ladies like us in the early 20s should know the consequences of the wrong approach to dieting. It'll worsen your health instead of giving you your ideal body figure.

Slim smart. ;)

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