Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sopping Spree~ Yes, purposely 'sopping'

Today is the day the last book in the Harry Potter series is released.

I don't plan to buy it yet, because the hard-cover version is just too ridiculously priced. I'm waiting for the paperback edition to be released *though I know it'll probably be a few months before I can sate my curiosity*. So before I can get my hands on the book, please do not 'bao-liao' to me. Thank you very muchy.

Despite that, I still went off to KLCC. :P Had to, because the workload and expectations are killing me. Also, I need to get some things for my lil sis's birthday coming in September. Yeah, I know. Crazy la. Still got like one month what. But I thought I should start early, while I have time. Who knows, they might propose BPharm students to have classes on Saturdays and Sundays as well. -__-"

Uh... I didn't find anything suitable or attractive enough for my sis, but I did find some blingies my mum will like. :D

These are in real-life very sparkly *though I don't know why it doesn't show in the pic*. My mum loves brooches - elegant, sparkly yet simple. Don't get me wrong - she's not the 'fu-gui' lady, spending all the time. Contrarily, she never buys any accessories or jewelry for herself. I remember the last time she lavished on jewelry was 2 years (maybe more than that) ago, when she bought a pair of very simple gold earrings for herself. It really pains me because I know she loves jewels as any other lady.

After doing some more shopping, I headed to The Cold Storage and bought some egg tarts for RM1.30 each. These are the greatest! Possibly better than the portugese egg tart at Petaling Street. These have flaky but filling pastry cases, which goes surprisingly well with the creamy sweet egg custard. I can down 5 at once if my conscience would let me. :P

Other than the egg tarts, I spotted rows of cookies on a shelf. I had my eye on the sugee. I just love sugee cookies. :D Give me any brand, any type, I'll just squeal with equal delight. :D

This box contains 56 pieces, priced at RM12.99. Dirt cheap I tell you, seeing that its quality's not bad.

From my trip today, I experienced something... er... worth telling.

I was queuing up to buy my LRT ticket at KLCC station, to go home. There's this guy behind me with his bunch of friends. I think he's in his late teens or early twenties. He kept pressing into me, like bumping and 'accidentally' brushing against my back. After 5 'brushes', I turned and threw him an annoyed look, hoping to make him realise he's making me feel uncomfortable. The thick skinned or just plain stupid bast*rd acted like he didn't know anything and walked closer *if that was even possible, considering he's merely 1inch away from me*. In the end, I just swung my 3 fully-filled Isetan plastic bags to my back. This somehow worked, because then I felt I could breathe again, with the scumb*g safely separated from me by the bags. If I ever encounter such a thing again, I wouldn't hesitate to swing my bags at the person, and stick my fingers into his eyes, at that.

If such a thing ever happen to any of you ladies, please don't hesitate to do the right thing. I don't mean swinging your purchases at the person or sticking your fingers into the person's eyes. Before you get help, confront the person with confidence and be on your guard. If you think the character's sort of not right, then let your companion(s) know and hopefully all of you can do something about it, or let the authorities know (meaning the people working at the station). If not, alert any member of the public. As a last resort, just scream your lungs out while hoping that the ultrasonic properties of your voice may scare the person away.

Around evening time, went to one of the juniors's apartment unit to look in on their costume-preparation progress. Upon arriving, I was immediately asked to give my opinion on their flag. My reaction sort of 'poured cold water'. :P So, Sook Peng, the OO (Orientation Officer) leader, then asked me to help them 'improve' the flag. So nice kan, we seniors. Help juniors make stuff some more. :P

I really like this batch of juniors la. *Haha... baru got one batch only leh...* They're so animated, cheerful and witty. Just hearing them talk brightened me day. :D They really semangat do the tasks assigned to them, and I truly see the team-spirit. Baru one week they meet each other already can be so friend with one another. :D

B1/07 - We anticipate your orientation!!!

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