Monday, July 2, 2007

I'm DYING...

This is the most unbelievable course. Ever. Unbelievable. Totally unacceptable. I cannot describe how extremely ridiculous it is.

Today is our first day in Semester 3. It started off with a lecture. A lecture I tell you. Well, I was expecting more like a short briefing of some sort. But no. It had to be a lecture. On natural products (drug discovery). More like a history of natural herbs and drugs. *Shish*

So the day went by, from 9.15 am straight to 5pm, with only a 45-minute lunch break in between. The rest of the course I no need to say la. I'm utterly speechless already. Our timetable is packed like 100 marshmallows squashed in your mouth. No, that is not an exaggeration. It's true.

Well... To add to my misery, I realised I didn't bring back my camera USB cable.

*NO NO NO NO NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

I collected two swap packages from the uni today. Can't show the contents la because got no camera. And I've made a sort of mood board for my room last Saturday. Mood boards are boards *usually of cork* on which you can pin anything you like - pictures, prints, cards, magazine cuttings, fabric pieces, odd bits and ends that you fancy. I'm dying to show you guys my 'junky junk junk' board. *Yes, correct. Because I'm a junk collector*.

Okla. I think this is the only pictureless post so far. Better go get started on my portfolio. See la, even got portfolio already. HAIYO!!!!!


Aneesah said...

:( 9 to 5 sounds pretty bad. And letures on the first day?! D= Hah. I wish my future university life wouldn't be so packed... But what am I saying? Architecture is full of projects and ridiculous deadlines! ARGH!

Anyway, if the USB cable is a hassle, maybe you could get a card reader instead? I've only just discovered how convenient it is to just pop the card out and use my laptop's card reader, vs. the cable method I have to use with my desktop...

I'm looking forward to seeing your mood board!

Sing Yee said...

Yeah. :( And that is for EVERY day. I'm not jokking. T-T I seriously don't see how I'm going to find time to even have a decent meal. T-T

I tried with my camera card, but it doesn't fit into the card reader slot. T-T Too big liao. I'm using the memory flash type.

I'll probably be getting the cable sometime this weekend, if I can get away for a shopping spree at Sungei Wang. :D