Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The I-can-die-in-one-second Day

Yesterday, before letting off my frustration in the previous post at 12.55am and finishing at 1.30am, one of my batchmates (also my group OO - Orientation Officer), came to my apartment unit. We were requested by the juniors to help make the "Choi San" (Fortune God) costume for one of them for Thursday. After the Treasure Hunt station games, we started making the costume and finished at 12.30am. Somemore this morning, had to wake up at 7.30am to help the juniors get the first clue for the day at 8.15am. T-T

I don't get why we are so good to the juniors. T.T Until we sacrifice our own sleep, health and studying time to help them. One good thing did result la. I got to know this batchmate a lot better. :) We were never very close during the first 2 semesters. I had thought her a feather-headed girl, with no true confidence nor determination to do things. I was proved COMPLETEly wrong. That shows just how I jump to conclusions without much thought, which is another one of my really bad 'property'. T-T

This friend of mine (yes, in just a few short days, we've become good friends), truly outdid herself during the orientation activities. If not for her, the juniors in our group would not have gotten all the clues for today. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the OO leader had yet again abandoned us, leaving my friend and I to take care of the tasks. This time, it's understandable la. She messaged me and told me she 'cannot walk already' and her feet hurts.

Please la. Is there a rule in IMU stating that all females MUST wear heels to lectures? If you had a leg cramp the day before, don't 'cheng chiang' and force yourself for the sake of 'beauty' *PFT... as if heels make girls prettier* Take good care of your health, especially if you'd injured yourself.

I confided in my friend about my feelings yesterday. She told me not to feel depressed, and that she felt the same way about our OO leader, experiencing stress and feeling pressured whenever she's around the girl. She told me a lot more about this OO leader, since they're always in the same group for practicals and such. From what she said, it's as if the girl doesn't get along well with a few of our batchmates.

I felt relieved in a way, even though I felt uncomfortable gossiping about another person. I'm relieved, because I'm confident now, that it's not over-sensitivity that had caused my teeny bout of depression yesterday night. I'll just have to bear with this girl for another 3 days more, then I'm free. I need patience and preseverance. Hopefully, I'll be able to survive and live.

This afternoon, three of us (my friend, me and another OO) went to Carrefour Endah Parade staright after CAL (computer-aided learning) class to get lemons and honey lime drink mix paste. We made warm honey lemon drinks for our group juniors. :D We especially kesian the junior leader lo. He shouted himself hoarse on the first day of orientation itself. -_-" Aiyoyo..... Really semangat lo. Now, another guy in the group had taken over in leading the group cheer. The bo-sia (no voice) leader is still the exceptionally hyperactive, super funny and yeng leader. :D

Tonight, a 'Talent Night' was on. It was a total B-O-R-E. The seniors, especially, syiok sendiri. I really kesian the juniors. They performed on stage already, according to the orders of the 'bo-liu' MC. Still the seniors like don't clap or cheer them or anything. When they sendiri go on stage, then they cheer la. Like it was their show or something.

I particularly am at lost of understanding, why the male MC had to behave the way he did. All the leng-lui he said 'thankyou, thank you', then all the ordinary girls he just treated them like rubbish - "Ok, next", "Why your hair like that one?", "Nevermind la. Next", "Can already, enough. Next." What the???

Also, please don't interrogate the juniors on stage in a way that puts them down.

"Why your costume not complete one?"

"Where is your (insert costume item here)?"

"Oh, your trousers koyak already lo"

Please la. You're the MC. You should be making the juniors shine. Not pointing out their dress-code faults. That's the job for the dress-code inspectors. After all, how are you supposed to expect them to create Disneyland standard costumes with their student budgets and limited time. Please don't find fault with them on stage like that la.

I really like our senior B1/05 male MC la. He really did a great job of running the stage. His sense of humour really tickled me and I extremely enjoy his speeches and little talks on stage. :D And the important thing was, he didn't discriminate the juniors, and was always polite to us all, even when he interrogated us on stage.

Unlike the bo-liu male MC of my batch. *PFFFFTTT*


Sorry you have to bear with my rants for these few days. I dare assure you that all this will be over by the end of the week. And by then, I'll be piled with numerous lecture notes to revise and go through, plus PBL information to search for and portfolios to finish up.

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lynnx01 said...

Absolutely hectic, eh? It is good to see so many juniors around.. new faces, fresh looks, eager and enthusiastic.