Thursday, July 26, 2007

JSR #15 : Petit Gateau Mousse Chocolat (Bourbon)

{Will be editing this post. Having orientation activities at 6.30pm. I thought I could finish this entry before I go. Mana tau the Blogger so damn slow one la.}

Price : RM9.80

Weight : 57g

Found : Isetan KLCC

Similar to the Fromage Chocolat, this box is seriously ridiculously priced la. There are only 8 individually packed cake cubes, each topped with chocolate mousse and covered in milk chocolate. :9 This is somewhat better than the Fromage Chocolat, though I still say the same thing - I'll not buy it a second time. >.<


Woohoo!!! Just finished the Detective Game for tonight's orientation activity.

I super super super enjoyed myself! Why? Because this time, I get to participate in ALL the games! WOOHOOO!!!

But it sounds like I also tersyiok sendiri already. T-T I really kesian the juniors. I totally know how they feel. I've been through the orientation games once already, when I just started life at IMU. When I played the games then, I thought - why la ask us to roll in mud, splatter us with flour, drench us in garlic water, and paint our faces black like anything? What's the point? Now, after playing, I'm still puzzled... why do they do that to the juniors? I can only come up with one explanation la - for FUN ma. -_-"

I so tersyiok sendiri until I also shouted my voice hilang already. When I joined in the group cheer near the end of the games, I can hear my voice going straight up in a high pitch, close to voiceless. T-T I'm not sure if the juniors were terstimulated by us seniors joining in the games. If I'm a junior, I sure very terstimulated one lo. Last time, during my batch's orientation, our group OO didn't join in leh... only got some games one or two OOs joined.

This time, our juniors have a total of 5 OOs joining every game we played. I'm really really proud of the group. :D Got two seniors that didn't have the chance to join the orientation of our batch because they came to IMU late. So, tonight, they finally get to know O-R-I-E-N-T-A-T-I-O-N la!!! Muahahahaha!!!

Tomorrow, I sure cannot walk already one. T.T


Calvin said...

i see you have a real interest in japanese okashi hor? but in malaysia, i think they are sold at a much higer price compared to here lor :P

Sing Yee said...

Yeah, Japan has the craziest snacks! :D And the best. :D Yup, I think they are sold at a much higher price here in Malaysia.

Joy said...

Love chocolate covered anything! Send me some!!! :)

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