Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Moving sure is tiring

Finally, we've settled down in Sarikei. Phew. Well, not really settled. There are still LOADS of stuff to unpack. While I could still stand the whirlwind of newspaper-wrapping, cellophane-taping, raffia-string-tying and marker-pen-writing madness for days and weeks before, THE moving day itself totally spent me. Although I didn't even angkat any furniture other than a stack of 3 plastic stools, I felt ready to drop dead by 6pm. Now to think we have to unpack and put everything back in place. *shudders*

If you're curious as to how the new place looks like, I took a video -sort of- and added some words to it.

A mess wasn't it? >.<

Feeling rather lazy today, I rummaged the store and found a bag of small wooden blocks.

{ Wooden chips from school projects }

Then I got out some nails and a hammer and proceeded to make this :

{ The two chips at the top fit each other snugly to create a cute little house! There's a deep slit along one side of the rectangular block so the thinner triangle piece can be inserted into it. }

Each piece was nailed down, except for the house and the pole, which were attached with Super Glue. And super it is. :D

{ Had the whole thing painted a whitish green with paint leftover from painting my room. }

{ And I tried it out as a jewelry stand. Not too feasible though. }

{ But I like how it looks here. :P Though I think some tiny pretty potted plants would do it better. }

I'll be flying back to KL this Friday afternoon. I've grown much too accustomed to passing days by aimlessly that I fear I'll have to be shocked to rise back into reality. T-T


kirin said...

Thanks for sharing a video showing your new house. It's big~! Is it standard in your country? In Japan, especially in Tokyo, houses are very small, like the ones in Hong Kong.

I like green wall, but if you don't like it, you can just paint a new color on it. But don't use too strong colors such as red, especially you study there. Red will make you feel as if you were spending too long hours nevertheless you don't. Blue is the other way round. Red or orange look closer (meaning your room looks smaller) while blue or green look set back. This tip is from my previous job. ;)

Sing Yee said...

The house is a semi-detached (2 houses joined together). There are other types like a terrace house, single floor and 3-storey etc. I suppose this is a standard for semi-detached houses. :)

Houses in Tokyo and Hong Kong are small, possibly due to the large population - to save land space. In fact, houses in Kuala Lumpur are much smaller than this (my house in the video). I went to my friend's house once in KL and it's pretty small. Every room is almost half the size of that in our house in Sarawak. :P

I chose green because I love green. Each side is a different shade of green. When the room's done, we find it to be too dark because of the darker greens. Furthermore, my room's only got one window. T-T