Sunday, June 28, 2009

Urbanscapes Loot + JSR #33 - Kanebo Poppin'Cookin' Neri-Can Land Grape & Soda

This time around, I didn't spend as much as I did last year at Urbanscapes. Probably because yokie was with me. I notice that I tend to splurge more when I shop alone. -__-"

I bought from Dooodolls and a stall selling handmade leather goods.

{ Baby Cupido and 3 sticker packs from Dooodolls + leather cuff }

Before leaving KLCC yesterday, I stopped by Isetan to see if there were any new snacks in stock. Found something interesting yet not unexpected. :D Should have seen it coming.

{ Box of edible soft candy clay for shaping - RM13.90 }

Did you guess right when you see the photo? :D You must think I'm crazy to have bought this thing. It's just candy, for heaven's sake. -___-" I don't even eat candy -seriously- though I make your dreams come true with diabetic creations of polymer clay. Guess I was tempted to play with it.

{ Pieces of dough - white, yellow, pink and blue + packet of sprinkles + sandy soda crumbs in the foil packet + wooden stick }

Looks fun right?


If there's anything that can't be used as a modeling medium, it's glucose+starch+thickening agent. It's sticky. It smells too sweet. It might attract ants in about 5 seconds into kneading. Not forgetting - sticky. The wooden stick is no use - I can't roll out the dough 'cause it sticks like hell to the stick. -___-" I had to wash my hands after every few minutes. Can't stand the stickiness. *ew* Luckily I used a plastic board as a base for making these. Otherwise, I might have to put up with a sickly sweet scent wafting from the table top for days.

After about an hour of playing with it, here's what resulted :

{ Bunch of weird looking candy *except the lolli* }

{ Made this according to the example on the box }

I suppose this edible clay kit is meant as a plaything for little girls. I'm sure they'll love it - that is if they love having their hands sticky-fied.

Sometime ago, I stumbled across a recipe for peanut butter play dough. Now that's yummy!


Aralka said...

Oh my~
It's totally cute!
I bought modeline too. I will make some cakes soon :D


Anonymous said...

I've played with stuff like that as a kid! I must have been about 7 or 8, and you had to mix up this sugar mixture with water, until you had a fondant type thing, and then you were supposed to shape it and cut out shapes like cookies. it also got all sticky and eugh! It's like playing with ready to roll icing. And the sweets at the end tasted gross, but I loved it as a child!