Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oozing Sweetness ~

Many many apologies to everyone. T-T Went missing for weeks even though I was and still am stuck at home every day. Well, I lazed about, poked around with the sis, went for walks and swims, baked chocolate chip cookies, banana cakes and a chocolate cake. Also tried making tau sar piah (red bean paste pastries) with the spiral shell

Apart from that, the whole family's busy with packing. We're moving to Sarikei sometime next week. The date is not set. Dad said "We'll move when all the packing is complete". Easier said than done. I think at the rate we're going, we still be stuck in Sibu by end of the year. -_-" Can't imagine where all the junk came from. I think I threw away half of my stuff - old clothes *which I know I'll never wear again but don't know why I kept them for all these years*, school kid's junk *erasers, stationery, mounts of stickers, cards and plastic toys*, free gifts that came with purchases *magnets? pens? bags? - can't believe I had them still* and thousands of un-name-able odds and ends.

After days of packing, I finally cleared away all my stuff, except for crafting supplies on the working table. I decided to do a little crafting before putting away everything *which I don't intend to till the day before moving*.

{ Metal case bought at RM5 from Daiso at The Curve. }

The tin was decorated, as seen in the photo above, when I was still in KL. I made the charms using polymer clay and silicone mix (for creams). Tried making roses with the clay, but couldn't get the shape I want. ^-^" I still have a lot to learn about working with polymer clay. I also drew a rainbow-lettered sign that reads 'Kawaii~neh!' on shrink plastic.

The sides looked quite empty. Too plain. So, I added a few things to make this :

{ Pertteh little candy box. I love you. ♥ }

First, I glued on a strip of flowery white lace bought from the local store selling sewing supplies. Upon completeing gluing, turned out that the stark white contrasted too much with the metallic grey of the box, hence the attempt to add as many things to cover up any spot of grey.

{ Flowery yo-yo made with leftover fabric from my Tingkatan Dua Ekonomi Rumah Tangga project of making a blouse. :D Dangly pink crystal which was a found-object. :P }

{ Rubber/plastic pink bunny + leaf decoration + pink organza ribbon }

{ Hand-stitched felt strawberry + string of blue beads + grey yoyo }

{ Mmm cake on black shrink plastic + red ribbons with a brass butterly sewn on }

{ The box }

{ Seriously in love with it. I'm keeping it all for myself. :P }


Cookie*kawaii* said...

I love it too!
I want one too! ^.^
I really love your blog. It is ultra kawaii !!!

bee said...

Wow, that's amazingly cute... I love how colourful it is! You are very lucky ^^

aichaku-愛着 said...

omg this is totally awesome!! *heart*

kalai said...

wow... so cute!!^^
i love the decorations.
i wish i could do stuff like this ~__~

+ love the song❤

Agnes Sim said...

wow...u so geng! i like the decoration. And i want the box too..quite cheap le...only rm5

Sing Yee said...

Thanks for the sweet comments everyone. :)

Agnes, go buy la. :P Got smaller one also. I regret la didn't buy that one.

kirin said...

I love this! It's so cute~!
I want to make something with the filler left over from DECOTTI.
There is a shop selling deco parts in Shinjuku (Tokyo) so I may want to do a small sweets deco on the surface of container or something. :p

Sing Yee said...

Hehe... I knew you'd love it. :D Ooh... I've seen some of these sweets deco parts. They're just so yummy!

Ally said...

Your boxes are the best really!! *-*
Im in love with these!

Aralka said...


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