Saturday, June 27, 2009

Urbanscapes 2009 - Feast for your eyes

Today, I went with yokie to this creative arts festival called Urbanscapes held at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, which is located in Sentul Park.

Not really clear of how to get there - even though I've been there before - we alighted at Sentul LRT station. We asked the station staff if there's shuttle service from there to KLPAC and we were asked to go to Titiwangsa station to take the bus. We should have listened but thinking that it'll be nearer from Sentul station, we waited for a cab which after a few minutes became evident a useless act. Then I suggested that we walk to the place. A big mistake that was. T-T

With the temperature no less than 33 degrees *I felt* and the sun sending rays of torture at 2 something in the afternoon, almost NO SHADE along the way - somemore no umbrella eh - it was no doubt a tormenting walk. We were totally bathed in sweat and were ready to be served as BBQ human steaks. T-T It's partly my fault, because I took us on a wild goose trail with the path coming up in a l-a-r-g-e circle.

Finally, we arrived at the entrace to Sentul Park. KLPAC is another stretch from there. Thankfully, there's a van to fetch us nearer to the place. We still had to walk a short distance to get there. What surprised me was the train of vehicles queueing to go in! Clearly, there's gonna be LOTS of people.

And finally. The Marketplace. A feast for tired eyes and the weary soul. :D

There were tents upon tents of stalls selling everything a girl likes - chic trendy clothes, shoes, handmade accessories, bags and plushies, t-shirts with cool designs, and loads of other eye-catching knick knacks. It's really difficult not to rake out every cash note in the wallet. T-T

{ MyFavouritess - Tees with an edge }

{ Mimpi Jewelry. I absolutely adore the set-up. Floral fabric to cover the table and pink necklace holders totally compliment the shabby chic jewelry pieces. }

Then we moved on into the building itself, which a number of exhibitions were housed. And there were more stalls. :)

{ Creative teenee fish ponds. I'm not sure what it's made of, but the sides were decorated with old newspapers and manga sheets. }

{ Oh and Ah - Incredible spread of handmade stuff with awesome designs. }

{ Geekery at its best. :P I was sorely tempted to get one of these. The wheels even turn! :D }

{ Pretty painted wooden pendants by The Brollies }

{ Big and bright. It's juuust right! :D Check out Dooodolls. They're quite an established plushie company. There's even a US website! }

{ More cool stuff by Dooodolls }

{ Lovely lady with delicate handmade jewelry }

{ Cuteness overflowing at this table. I love those plump red lips. Mmm... }

Right then. After Urbanscapes, we headed for KLCC for something cold to drink! The weather seriously was too much to bear. -_-" Once the thirst was quenched, we grabbed a bite at Chili's.

{ Tortillas with chicken, bacon and cheese = yummy! I love the sauce and scoop of something like cream. }

{ yokie's order - Texas fries with cheese! and saucy beef fry. }

{ Interesting day wasn't it? :D }

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Aralka said...

I think you had an interesting days.
I like the dish ^^