Friday, January 18, 2008

Stoopidgerl's Candy Resin Necklaces + Sanrio Sack-O-Stickers

Ok... This morning had been exciting. :) Well, it was not what happened that was exciting. Rather, I think it should be what I'm feeling la. :P I got my Etsy order from Kim (stoopidgerl). I'm just at lost for words. The resin pendants are the PRETTIEST things ever!

I've been wanting to try out resin jewelry for some time now. If only I know where to get the proper materials and supplies. Buying them off online would cost too much because shipping rates are just ridiculous. T-T But at the moment, I'm happily content with my loot. :D

{Get your FREAK on}

I'm absolutely mesmerised by the awesome colour combination and sparkly-ness of this little pendant. Especially love the coloured word beads. :)


Super love this funky one-of-a-kind candy necklace. The red/aqua/green pebble-like thingys inside are actually real Nerds, an American candy. Encased in solid resin, they're not likely to subject to natural degradation. :) I love this concept of having real candy in my jewelry. :P

{The Sweetest Thing}

This was what initially spured the desire to own stoopidgerl's resin necklaces. It's just so yummy and colourful. I couldn't get my eyes away from it. :P Lovely lovely lovely!

And I received a surprise package. It's an eBay order I made in August last year. T-T I had thought it lost in the mail, as the seller claimed to have probably happened due to my not opting for registered mail. Hmm... All is well now. :) I'm just happy that my $20 didn't go down the drain.

{Sanrio Cinnamoroll and Little Twin Stars Sack-O-Stickers}

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stOOpidgErL said...

Aww! Thanks so much for writing about me in your blog!! I'm glad you love the necklaces~!!