Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Korean Music Blast!!!

Wooh! I'm super hyper! Cause I got my order! Woohoo! Well, I got it on Monday actually, but only got to post about it today. :)

Here's Clazziquai's first album Instant Pig. I dunno why the weird name, but I suppose it's got something to do with the first song in the album. It has pig squees in between choruses, I think. :P Somemore, the album cover, CD and booklet designs all have cute little pigs on them. :D

Clazziquai is a Korean group, comprising of two guys and a girl (I think). Their music is a mixture of electronica, jazz and pop. I love love love! :D I got to know about them after watching My Lovely Sam Soon, searching for the awesome song from the series called She Is, sang by Clazziquai. I so in love with them now...

Next is.... BIG BANG!!! Woohoo!!!

They say it's a mini album. But I guess they're trying send out the message of irony. :P The packing is way larger than your normal CD case.

Their songs are THE BEST! I can't describe the high-ness felt eveytime listening to them. :P Here's a complete playlist from the album. My absolute favs are Always and Lies.

And last but not least.... original soundtracks of Coffee Prince and My Lovely Sam Soon!!! Nice nice nice!

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lynnx01 said...

Big Bang! Hah! That one is my cousin's fav group now. But I still prefer Se7en. LOL!