Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cram Cream + Dandy Lion

Today's a public holiday in Malaysia. And I'm stuck at home, searching, compiling and drafting information for the coming PBL (problem-based learning) session on gastroesophageal reflux disease. I can't even rightly pronounce gastroesophageal. T-T

Haih.... Well, let's not make this a damp post about my boring life. :P

Ok, so, yesterday, I got two more packages. One of them contained 2 uber kawaii Cram Cream decorative tapes! I absolutely love the hedgehog/squirrel/mushroom one. :D Grab one while stocks last at Glitterworkshop's Etsy shop.

{Sorry for the bad lighting and blurry details. These few days are just not cut out for taking photos... Nor jogging... T-T}

Then, the second mail was from ElleP. It contained a Dandy Lion pendant. I was a little disappointed with the colour because it was not what I expected. I assumed it would be similar to what the photo showed on the listing, even though most sellers would put a disclaimer saying that 'each item may vary in print/colour/etc'. I shouldn't have taken that lightly when buying. But I'm regret having bought this. It's quite pretty, even without the colours I wish it to have. :P

{Taken at mid-day. Even so, lighting was not good at all. T-T}

ElleP is having a January sale. Buy any item in the shop and get the second one with 25% off, provided the second item is of the same or lesser value. I'm planning to make another order from the store. :P I so dig this Creepy Bird Pendant. :P

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lynnx01 said...

But the pendant is still nice.. I'm turning into a greeny freak!