Wednesday, January 23, 2008

JSR #19 : Takenoko Hokkaido Azuki (Meiji)

Price : RM7.50

Weight : 54g

Found : Jusco MidValley

Yep. Finally posted about a Japanese snack after like years of seeing none here. T-T Yeah, it's quite unbelievable, but I've at last truly realised that precious cash is not to be spent on trivial things like Japanese snacks. T-T

So, yeah. You can see here the newest version of Takenoko (bamboo shoot shaped cookies with flavoured chocolate coating). It's Azuki, which without being very sophisticatedly posh means 'Red Bean'. :P

The white chocolate coating on top of each cookie is mixed with red bean bits. I'm not sure whether artificial or pure la. But it's quite nice and fragrant lo, with a faint hint of vanilla and milk. Mmmm....


I just found out something about Paypal which I deem crucial to share with you. It might be only me - being reckless and blur most of the time - I never go through things thoroughly before doing them. T-T

Ok. The thing is. Having an active Paypal account without attaching a bank account to it will give its user a sending limit. What is a sending limit you ask? It's a limited amount of money you can send/use from your Paypal balance. After you've used/sent money up to that amount (accumulative), you are not able to use/send any more, even if your Paypal balance still has money. This applies to Paypal users who are not verified. Being verified means you either have a bank account attached, or you have your credit card verified.

How to get your credit card verified? You need to enrol in Paypal's Expanded Use Program. Check your account and you'll see how to 'get verified' or 'enrol in expanded use'. Once you've proceeded to do this, Paypal will charge US1.95 to your credit card. The next thing you do is wait for or check your monthly credit card statement. The statement should have the info about PAYPAL charging the card $1.95. And beside the name PAYPAL, you'll find a 4-digit number. You need this number to complete your credit card verification on Paypal.

I've only found out about this when I wanted to pay for an auction on eBay. When I proceeded to pay, Paypal notified me about the 'transaction exceeds your sending limit', of which I've only left $25.99 of $1000 (Premier account). Even though my Paypal balance has way more then $25.99, I couldn't use more than that unless I have my credit card verified. After having done so, my sending limits will be lifted.

It's kind of shocking really. I haven't realised that selling on the net for more than one year has generated such a sum. In a way, I feel great to have acheived this. US$1000 may seem little to some of you working people, even to those earning RM2K per month. Yeah, I admit it's very slow progress - earning a one-year sum of what a normal working individual would in a month. Hopefully, I'll be able to make a constant income from crafting one day. Well, I also feel a bit guilty to have spent so much. T-T Hm... but.... My recent buys have been focused on new things I'm planning to try out - polymer clay, shrinky dinks, jewelry-making and all that. In other words, I'm starting to invest on crafting supplies, rather than splurging on fancies and frills, which I shouldn't have done in so many occasions. :P

So, my message to you guys out there, who're using Paypal; get your credit card verified, if you've activated your account with one.


Aneesah said...

1000 dollars is a lot, ok! :D You should be proud of yourself, it's not easy to start a business, online, selling your own creations. :)

Thanks for writing about the Paypal thing. Good to know, in case I ever have an account and credit card one day. ^^;

Ooh, did you find polymer clay or shrinky dinks around? :o Or you beli online?

lynnx01 said...

I verified it that way, as well. Way before I reach the USD1000 limit. Hehhee..

Sing Yee said...

Aneesah Hmm... I admit it's not easy. But I should definitely revise my plans to make things better.

The polymer clay I found on eBay. Shrinky dinks I traded with an Etsy user. I've yet to receive them still. :)

Lynn Xuan Haih... I should have done it at the start. :P