Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Want Candy

Not much happened during my absence from the blog. ^-^" My friend and I were idly preparing for data collection for our research survey. We started scouting for companies that'll grant us permission to perform the survey on their employees. The task turned out to be far more difficult than what I initially perceived. Every company requested to be sent an official letter of some sort, without even first letting us explain what we were doing. We thought of discussing informally with someone in-charge before proceeding to hand in the official letter. But in the end, we were forced to retire for the day. The letter and a summary of our research was drafted. We're now waiting for our supervisor to give us the go before we submit them to each company.

So yeah. Very exciting week huh. >.<

I'm currently bored to death. Somehow, the want to travel to Singapore keeps popping up. I'm already mapping out the route and places I want to go, in my mind. The only obsstacle now is accomodation. Where can I stay for less than RM100/night in Singapore? :(

While goyang-ing kaki these few days, I whipped up a little something.

{ It's huge. It's sweet. It attracts crazy girls like me. }

{ I Want Candy ♥ }

{ Sewn on a pin brooch at the back of the pendant. }

That aside, I'm preparing some stuff for a whimsy jar swap. First swap in 3 years. -___-" I hope I can still do it ok. ^-^" It's fun to stuff goodies into a 400g glass jar, while arranging them in such a way that the jar appears to hold untouchable sweets from heaven. :P

I feel so wasted these days. Needing a little push to really start crafting again. T-T


CinnamonCrane said...

yum :)

✖Chihiro✖チヒロ♥ said...

Wow! Your blog really full with kawaii-ness stuff! I like the pendant that you make! Look nice!

AnnaCleo said...

wAo! :3 you make such kawaiicrazy stuff! ^______^ i love it!

Ann said...

That is so cute!! :D I love your blog!!