Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sugar High

Darn... These days Blogger just doesn't agree with me. T-T Anyways.... I'm gonna head down to Singapore for the rest of the week. :D Bus to JB is due at 2.30pm. :D


Finally, a chance to travel. If I stay in KL for one more day, I think I'm gonna go berserk. Our research survey is just moving too slowly. We can't start yet, except for searching for extra subjects outside of Sunway Pyramid (which is our main sampling population). Mm... Actually, we could do quite a bit at the moment, like searching for literature (journals, articles and such) relevant to our study, and also learn to use SPSS properly.

But. The young heart needs to feel new things and the eyes are hungry for inspiration!

Well, before I go on yet another pause on the blog, here's some eye candy to satisfy your cravings.

{ Sugar High The Necklace }

{ Absolutely sweet ♥ }

{ As cute as round little bunnies ♥ }

Till next week. Have a kawaii day~!


Aralka said...

Ohhhh so cute.
I like traveling ^_^

The Mully's said...

I love it!

Have fun traveling!