Sunday, February 17, 2008


Ah... I'm so busy that I can't believe only a week had passed since CNY hols. It seemed like a year. T-T

I can't describe how busy the semester 4 BPharmers are currently. I can only keep my head above it all and try to breathe. Tomorrow's our first class test - Gastrointestinal System. I reckon if I don't update now, I'll not have time to do so in the weeks to come. Every week starting now, we'll be having a class test. T-T That's so much better with PBLs, kan? *yeah*

Ok, so just a small post for now. I've recently discovered another super awesome cool Etsy seller, myhools, who makes super awesome cool vintage-themed plate jewelry! I'm so in love with her creations. Take this piece for example.


Hmm... So, I guess I'll be taking a break from blogging for a while, probably for a month or so. I truly apologise to kawaii-lovers who checked my blog regularly and find lack of updates recently. :( I promise to bring more fun and kitsch and rainbows when I come back. :) Stay tuned. *jeng jeh jeng*

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