Friday, February 29, 2008

Superb Handmade Wallets from Etsy

Hah..... My blog is really starting to die dy.... T-T Ah.... But of course I won't let that happen. :P I've just finished 2 class tests, proabably the 2 easier ones. T-T There are still 3 more papers to go... I don't know how I'm going to survive through these.

Ok... Educational matters aside *bleh*, I'm going to show you a few of my favourite handmade wallets on Etsy. :) Yes, startlingly talented ladies do make functional wallets. And they look absolute professional, much more chic and unique than your store-bought Tropicana Life ka, Elle ka, whatever la. Oops... Not snubbing your possessions ah. I'm just simply proud for these Etsy sellers. :P

{Pictures were originally taken by each seller respectively}

First off, the totally kawaii Red Hedgehog n Espresso Brown Wallet made by cottonpurr. Where else can you find such cute, wholely Japanese wallet? Cottonpurr's wallets all have the standard layout design - 6 card slots, zipper compartment for change and 3 slots for bills and such.

{Super kawaii and totally practical}

Then we have pego from Winniepeg, Canada. Her long wallets have a homely handmade look. :) I love that she screen-printed the fabric used to make her wallets. Take this Aspen Grove wallet for example. Love the earthy brown and gold combination. :)

{Complete with 6 card-slots, a zipper compartment and 4 other slots}

Finally, my favouritest wallet designer and maker, QuietDoing. Her wallets are mostly made with vinyl. This DJ stereo design is probably the funkiest you can hope to find. :P

{Lovely green and brown linings}

QuietDoing also makes cool ipod holders with equally stunning designs. :) I actually intended to buy one of her Power Pocketbooks, but my dad got me a Fossil from his US trip last year. So, no handmade wallets for the time being. But you may be rest assured that I'll get one when the time is right. :P

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